Your website needs your immediate attention during this pandemic

The novel Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe. Here at AmDee, we realize that as organizations and nonprofits you may be stretched past your limits.

So, we are here to help. 

Your website provides information and resources in this time of uncertainty. But is it working for everyone who needs it? AmDee has always believed that content should not be dependent on a single sense or ability. Below is a list, in order of easiest to fix to most complex, of items on your website that need your immediate attention. 

  1. Alt text for images
    As you are uploading new content, especially new images we strongly encourage you to add alt text (alternative text) to your images. Used within an HTML code they describe the appearance or function on a page. 

    WordPress makes it easy to add alt text to your images globally. By utilizing your media library you can add the description once and apply them wherever they are located.

    For a more detailed article on alt text, we recommend WebAim’s article on Alternative Text.

  2. Ensuring all pre-recorded videos have closed captions or transcripts.
    You may have had videos that had been previously recorded and are uploading them to your youtube or website. However if they don’t have closed captions or transcripts they will remain inaccessible to a number of users. 

    AmDee has previously written an article detailing 5 ways to create accessible video content

  3. Closed captions for live webinars.
    With live webinars it is important to ensure that all users who tune in during the event can participate. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that the platform you are using allows for closed captions of live events. Many of the most popular platforms offer the ability to add closed captions directly during an event but it is worth double checking with your specific platform. 

  4. PDFs – are they accessible?
    While your offices may be closed, you still need to disseminate important information to your constituents. To do so, it is likely that you are using PDF documents. They are, after all, a great portable document. However when you are creating them you need to ensure that they have been set up, or remediated, to be properly accessible. AmDee has previously published an article with a full beginners guide to understanding accessible PDF’s and how to create them

  5. Scaling up with a landing page for multiple news updates, resources that are important.
    While this is the most complex feature of this list it is a good practice to think through how this page will be useful for your constituents. 

    If you’re stuck for where to start looking for inspiration, John Hopkins, SHRM, and UNC Health have Coronavirus specific information pages.

    Depending on your existing website, you may be able to repurpose an existing page to become a landing page that can provide various resources, information and updates relating to COVID-19. Or you may need to create a new template within your WordPress theme. If you are unable to repurpose we recommend thinking through all of the types of content you need to display and talking both internally and with your website developer to get their assistance as well.

We hope this article has helped to empower you. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, and there may not be available bandwidth within your organization to address these items. While we understand this dilemma, we also stress that these items are not to be neglected. 

Should you need help, we are here to assist you.  

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