22 January 2019

7 WordPress Podcasts to Check Out in 2019

7 WordPress Podcasts for 2019 Podcasts are a growing sector of our overall media and internet landscape. In April 2018, Fast Company put the number of active podcasts at 525,000. Apple noted that by June there were over 550,000, and the most recent data estimates that there are now over 625,000 active podcasts with millions of available episodes. Some of the reasons that podcasts are popular include: They offer listeners and subscribers the convenience of being able to check them out whenever and wherever they want, using a variety of devices. They offer their audiences large blocks of content, usually...
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17 January 2019

Getting New Hires Up To Speed Publishing In WordPress

How to Get New Hires Up To Speed Publishing In WordPress Employee turnover, organizational growth and recurring changes such as campaign ramp-ups and semester-based intern shuffling can provide new faces at your organization. Some new staffers will have responsibilities interacting with your WordPress website. Getting them up to speed so that they can comfortably and confidently do their jobs in the WordPress environment is important. It’s important to have a standardized methodology or training checklist that you can use to go over what your different web-related positions need to know. If you don’t yet have a process, we have outlined...
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14 January 2019

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Tips to stay productive while working from home Working from home is amazing. There is no business dress code, there’s no boss to surprise-walk by your computer to ensure you’re not on YouTube, and if you have to take a break or schedule a doctor’s appointment, you can do that, guilt-free. And like a benefit lot of us here at AmDee enjoy, you can travel while you work. But the biggest struggle of working remotely is perhaps its greatest advantage: You manage yourself when working from home. If you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable, then it might be...
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09 January 2019

10 Content Types to Attract Great Traffic

Blog burnout is real. In today’s oversaturated market, content is everywhere, which makes it difficult for viewers to know where to go for the best possible quality content. Combine a super competitive market with an oversaturated one and producing great content that also attracts great traffic can seem impossible. But impossible it is not. It takes a bit of finesse and thinking outside the box. There is no one content-type that is the be-all, end-all answer to driving traffic to a site. Two years ago, tons of social media marketers (and by extension, the brands they worked for) made a...
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07 January 2019

Content Marketing Trends Emerging in 2019

Content Marketing Trends Emerging in 2019: What You Need to Know The world of marketing is always changing. New tools are released, strategies are refined, and trends come and go. But one thing can be said to be true, even as we enter a new year full of innovative ideas, content marketing is here to stay. Content marketing, or creating and sharing content to spark an interest in your brand, makes establishing an online presence, generating leads, and securing sales possible. It is one of the most strategic methods any small business or nonprofit organization can employ. That said, just...
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19 December 2018

Happy Holidays 2018

The winter season is marketed as a time for family, joy and happiness. Whether you are traveling this holiday time or staying put, everyone at AmDee wishes you the happiest of times. December 24, 2018 through January 2, 2019 are company holidays for our employees. Because of this, there will likely be delays to answering emails, and responding to social messages until January 2, 2019 when most of our team returns. We apologize any inconvenience but hope you will also get to spend time with loved ones.   via GIPHY
10 December 2018

Using surveys to create content

Using Surveys to Create Content Your Audience Will Love Every organization wants to create content their audience will respond to – we try everything from using great imagery and stories, to providing insightful tutorials and display our accomplishments. We often assume our audience likes our content and that we know them like we know our good friends. But what happens if our assumptions are wrong? How can we learn more about our audience in an effective and insightful way? Luckily there is an answer way: we ask them questions! What’s the best way to ask them questions? Through using surveys!...
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03 December 2018

11 Tips for Choosing the Right Theme for Your WordPress

The most important thing after installing WordPress is choosing the right theme for your WordPress site. At the time of publication there are over 6,000 themes available in the WordPress theme gallery which are mostly free to use. Besides the official WordPress gallery there are other companies who sell additional themes. So with all of these options, how would you know which theme is perfect for you? Well we’ve broken down how to choose the right theme based on your needs with our 11 best tips. Choosing the Right WordPress Theme You want your website to work for all users,...
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26 November 2018

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company (A Quick Guide)

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company (A Quick Guide) Choosing the right WordPress hosting company isn’t easy. Especially nowadays when there are so many to choose from. Each have their own set of features, multiple plans to pick from, and price points ranging from free to way too expensive. But having a good web hosting provider is really important if you want a secure, high performing website that ranks well in search results. After all, your web host will be responsible for storing and delivering your website’s content to site visitors. Not to mention, your site’s uptime, security,...
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20 November 2018

Thankful in 2018

Although 2018 has had a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, both within the USA as well as within the world it is the time of the year to look back and reflect. Whether you were looking to make big changes or maintain the norm, make a change in your personal life or in your professional AmDee staff took a few minutes to dig deep to find what they are thankful for this year. Thankful in 2018 Amar: I love Thanksgiving holiday. What is there NOT to love? Food, football, fun, friends and family! Apart from all these,...
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