17 October 2018

7 Steps to a successful digital detox

How to Successfully Unplug on Vacation Every time you plan a weekend away, time with family, or a vacation you probably vow to truly unplug. Yet, for most of us, technology is a way of life. It is necessary for both our jobs and social life. Thus making it difficult to put our phones down for more than five minutes at a time. However, there are ways you can disconnect without feeling as if life as you know it has ended or fear of being fired. To prepare for your digital detox, here are 7 steps to help you make...
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15 October 2018

Top 4 Smartphone Tips for the Busy Executive

Top 4 Smartphone Tips for the Busy Executive As an executive, you are juggling seemingly innumerable responsibilities. You are often both the final decision-maker and the one who is burdened with ultimate accountability. It is imperative to utilize your time in the most productive manner possible. However, like most of us, your smartphone probably has you on a virtual leash, re-directing your attention with every notification. So with the arrival of associated physical ailments (text neck and numb fingers) and cognitive ailments (notification anxiety, “phantom vibration syndrome” and shortened attention span), how can we use this powerful tool to run...
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03 October 2018

Conference edition: 10 things you should do before launching your website

On October 3, 2018 Amar, president and founder of AmDee, spoke at the 2018 TechNow Conference. As a one-day regional conference that connects nonprofits with the technology resources, information and people they need to succeed Amar is honored to be able to express the importance of accessible websites!   The powerpoint given during his lecture is downloadable here.
01 October 2018

Top 6+ Productivity Extensions for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Small businesses and nonprofits share the unique challenge of needing to be as productive as possible (whether that is responsive to client emails, tracking down potential donors or maintaining an effective social media presence) often on a tight budget. Although the budgets are small nonprofit executives and small business owners often have large expectations, sometimes expecting immediate results. The key with lean budgets and a desire to increase productivity is resourcefulness: by utilizing the Google Chrome web browser in a more effective way with extensions. Extensions just may be the solution to help you conquer your challenging organizational goals with...
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24 September 2018

7 Best WordPress CRM Plugins to Boost Your Online Business in 2018

If you’ve read our articles for a while you know we promote the benefits of WordPress. In this article, we will share 7 best CRM plugins for WordPress to supercharge your online presence With a default install, WordPress doesn’t include a system to manage everything. If you are running a business or nonprofit website, you may be finding a way, other than WordPress, to maintain customer engagement and sales. That’s where using a CRM comes into play. By taking it a step further and utilizing a CRM plugin you can manage all your leads, sales and also maintain customer relationship...
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19 September 2018

Tips to Increase Donations with Your CRM

Tips to Increase Donations with Your CRM Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database isn’t only for keeping track of donor or member names and addresses. If utilized to its full capabilities, it can help increase your donations and engage your constituents in the best way possible. From storing constituent information and giving to keeping track of event attendance and outreach, your CRM is a powerful tool to help you increase your giving and productivity. Below are 5 hot tips on using your CRM to increase your donations. Find New Grants Nonprofits are always running reports on donors, but often overlook...
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17 September 2018

How Your Website’s Structure Can Enhance SEO

Site structure is one of those things that we don’t think about after we’ve launched our websites. You had your designer, developer or consultant help you set up your site in as logically a manner as possible, your menu is organized and well presented and your users seemingly have no complaints. Why bother fixing something that’s not broken? The reality is that your audience, especially new users, cares and so do the Google search algorithms. Since your site has been on the web, it has likely evolved from its humble beginnings. You’ve added and deleted numerous posts. You have added...
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12 September 2018

The 5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

5 of the Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Boosting your traffic is a priority among many WordPress site owners. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you think. There are many methods that help to boost a website’s traffic. SEO optimization, building backlinks, and creating high-quality content are just a few of the common methods. But there is another way you can boost your traffic. It is cost-free and easy to use to boot. It’s called Google Analytics. Google Analytics (GA) is a free and powerful service provided by Google that monitors your website traffic. After registering on Google Analytics...
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10 September 2018

8 Key Communication Channels for Your Organization: The Who, What, Why and How to using Effective Communication Tools

8 Key Communication Channels for Your Organization: The Who, What, Why and How to using Effective Communication Tools Communication is the key to all strong, healthy and productive relationships, including professional relationships! The manner in which something is communicated is as important as what is communicated. The method a business chooses to communicate varies greatly depending on its message, audience, and goals. Just as wishing your 92-year old grandmother “a happy birthday” via an Instagram direct message may be futile, so too are certain communication tools if the message, audience, and goals aren’t considered thoughtfully. Since grandma probably isn’t on...
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04 September 2018

5 Infographic Resources for your nonprofit or small business

5 Infographic Resources for your nonprofit or small business Infographics should be a key component of any organization’s social media, outreach or marketing aims. In this article, we’ll review what they are, why they matter and where your team can find resources to help you successfully create your own. Infographics: What They Are Infographics can be any type of data visualization or presentation of information that you can imagine. They can range from complex large graphs and tall information-packed lists to scaled down approaches such as a basic pie chart or decoratively presented bullet points. They make the information that...
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