20 August 2018

Urgent vs. Important: How to get the best ROI out of your To-Do List

How many of us start our days with the intention to be as efficient and productive as possible? You want to maximize your time management and move as many tasks as you can from “To-Do” to “Completed”. Your day starts with motivation and focus. Between dealing with the tasks from the previous week that you have yet to accomplish as well as juggling more tasks as they are assigned, your day can quickly spiral out of control. It may feel like every day there are more ¨fires¨ that need to be ¨extinguished¨. You may feel that you are are losing...
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15 August 2018

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks List, Toolbars and Options

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks List, Toolbars and Options Note: WordPress’ new editor interface, Gutenberg, will be launching shortly as WordPress 5.0. During August, as v4.9.8 drops, WordPress site owners and administrators will begin to see a notice inviting them to opt-in early and begin using Gutenberg’s capabilities before 5.0 launches. This change will predominantly impact your WordPress site’s writers and developers more than site owners, admins and your general audience. We’d encourage you to alert your relevant staffers about the upcoming change and have them try working with the new editor before it officially launches in the next few weeks. Gutenberg...
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13 August 2018

10 WordPress Tips to Make Your Website Secure

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and powers more than 30% websites. However as it grows, hackers have taken note and are beginning to specifically target WordPress sites. No matter what types of content your site provides, you are not an exception. If you don’t take certain precautions you could get hacked. Like everything technology related, you need to check your website security. In this tutorial, we will share our 10 Best Tips to improve your WordPress website security. 1. Choose a Good Hosting Company The simplest way to keep your site secure is to go with...
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08 August 2018

The Importance of SSL for Nonprofits

An active online presence is essential to promoting your nonprofit organization’s campaigns. But that doesn’t mean you need to know all the intimidating Internet jargon. Even though it is safe to leave many of these terms for the webmaster to decipher, there are some abbreviations that even non-techies should recognize. The SSL certificate is a prime example of a website feature it pays for you to understand. What is an SSL certificate and what types are available? The SSL certificate testifies that your website has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This software helps secure data transferred between your website and...
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06 August 2018

Embracing Social Media for Growth

Play nice while growing your audience on social media with the 80/20 rule You know that person you meet at a cocktail party who never stops talking about themselves? That’s who you don’t want to be on social media. And that’s why you need to follow the 80/20 rule. Your organization probably already shares content on social media. But, by thinking about it clearly and strategically, you can be sure you are supporting your community and building good will. That way, when you want and need their support, they’ll be willing to listen. It’s not about me. It’s about you....
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01 August 2018

Measuring the User Experience of a Website

Having a website is an absolute necessity for any business. But it is also a substantial marketing investment that you expect to pay off through new business. Gone are the days where you could simply update your website once and forget about it for months on end. In today’s ever-changing digital landscape it is important to constantly track and measure how well your website performs, as well as make changes to continue achieving your goals. There are a number of factors that can affect website performance. Quite often they are interconnected making it hard to distinguish which one is failing...
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30 July 2018

Nonprofit Web Design: 8+ Tips for Your Website

The ultimate goals of having a nonprofit website are to get the word out about your cause, get the community involved in local events, and of course, collect donations. But to do this, there are some things you have to do, no matter what your organization stands for. High on the list you need to understand your target audience. You should optimize your user’s experience. By delivering engaging content, not only visually appealing, but also informative, encouraging, and entertaining, you can improve your return on investment (ROI). Ideally you’ll also get people to donate their time or money to your...
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23 July 2018

Guide to Obtaining Inbox 0

It’s time to implement the “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” to your inbox: Obtaining Inbox 0 Is the current amount of emails in your inbox daunting? Did you let out an audible groan? Does the number of unopened emails make you cringe, cry, or possibly envelops you in a sea of guilt? Does attaining “Inbox 0” seem as elusive as capturing a white whale? Inbox 0 (having 0 unread emails) is not a badge of honor if it isn’t representative of an effective time management system that improves your productivity and lessens email management anxiety. Email management should not be...
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16 July 2018

10 tips for effective end-of-year donor appeals

When is the best time to start planning your end-of-year appeal to donors? Nonprofits that raise the most funds usually start planning in August. Use the following tips to maximize your online and offline fundraising appeals this year. Find your subject. Tell a personal story. Every organization has stories about people. Choose 1-3 people affiliated with your organization – a member, client, volunteer, donor, or other – and ask if you can tell their story. Why are they involved with you? What do you do that attracted them to be a part of your organization? Also consider who will be...
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11 July 2018

Travel Adventures of a Remote Staff- The Pilgrimage of a Project Manager

AmDee values the importance of work-life balance. Progressive both in solutions for clients as well as internal culture. Our employees are distributed across time-zones. Working on their own schedules creats a stronger work-life balance, and a happy, fulfilled staff. We recognize that happiness of employees is directly dependant on work-life balance. Happy employees mean they work harder, are more dedicated to their role and company. Studies show that employees generally stay healthier too. Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek and colleagues characterize a sustainable workforce as “one whose employees have the positive energy, capabilities, vitality, and resources to meet current...
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