WordPress: An easy solution for nonprofit organizations

WordPress is an easy solution for nonprofit organizations.

WordPress is a Website Content Management System used to create beautiful user-friendly websites. While initially, the name may conjure images of blogs, in recent years it has grown to be a platform capable of showcasing entire websites. Many famous blogs, apps, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities are using WordPress.

With currently 27% of websites using WordPress, its contribution to nonprofit organizations cannot be underestimated.

A WordPress website runs on a WordPress theme. The themes help you to run the website effectively and efficiently, while maintaining visual appeal.

Using a responsive theme will run smoothly on many devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It can also help lay the foundation for your site to meet 508 compliance guidelines. (More on that topic, here and here).

The WordPress platform is user-friendly and cost-effective, enticing large and small nonprofits. Even organizations with limited budgets can create professional websites and provide a more interactive online experience.

Important features like a Board of Directors page and donation buttons can be integrated into the website. These additional features exude a positive impression that helps to push your important causes forward.

✧ Here is a small list of things than can be achieved by organizations using a wordpress platform:


✓ WordPress is user-friendly and customizable to your organization’s brand

✓ Provides plug-ins for SEO and security plus accessibility-ready themes

✓ Ability to convert your website to a mobile site – important in today’s world!

✓ Built in tools for grammar and spelling mistakes

✓ Create a canonical URL for your posts for easy sharing and SEO

✓ Automatically post new published articles to social media platforms



✓ Make your site more visible with easy-to-use search engine optimization tools

✓ View traffic statistics for your website posts and landing pages

✓ Encourages readers to view similar content and comment on blog posts or articles

✓ Sell items, products, and services online

✓ Allows the submission of single payment donation as well as recurring donations

✓ Create, manage, and sell tickets to events, displayed on your website’s calendar

 And many more!



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Amar T.

Amar is the president and co-founder of AmDee. He has been an industry leader in accessibility compliance—auditing and remediating websites, publishing articles, delivering presentations to national audiences, and training content editors and developers in accessibility best practices.

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