Three easy SEO tests (VIDEO)

We’ve partnered with John Victoria from to talk about search engine optimization, SEO. A topic that easily confuses everyone who understands it.

This is video 2 in a 3 part series so check back for the rest of the series.  For Part 1:   10 Common SEO Vocabulary Words Explained (VIDEO)

Video transcript:

In this week’s video 00:06 [Music] 00:16 hey how’s it going this is john victoria 00:19 the owner of palianna in a search engine 00:20 optimization and in today’s presentation 00:22 we going over three easy SEO checks to 00:25 help boost your google rankings each of 00:28 the tests that we’re going over take no 00:30 more than one minute so it won’t take 00:32 you any time at all and they’ll give you 00:33 the chance to find improvements and 00:35 opportunities to improve your SEO and 00:38 what that means for you is a better 00:39 visibility online and a better 00:42 visibility online also means additional 00:46 business for you so the first test we’ll 00:49 be going over is the PageSpeed insights 00:51 test and this response this corresponds 00:54 with having a better user experience 00:56 because we’re website loads faster 00:57 here’s a quote actually directly from 01:00 the Google Webmaster central blog you 01:02 may have heard that here at Google were 01:03 obsessed with speed in our products and 01:05 on the web as part of that effort today 01:07 we’re including a new signal in our 01:09 search ranking algorithms site speed 01:11 site speed reflects how quickly a 01:13 website responds to web requests a 01:15 faster website translates to a better 01:18 user experience and if people are 01:19 enjoying their site more they’re more 01:21 willing to want to visit your business 01:22 or personal product and so one of the 01:24 important factors and easy checks they 01:26 can do is to see is is your website fast 01:28 enough so the steps to do that I’ve 01:31 shared with you here on the screen to 01:32 check your site speed and it’s very 01:34 simple all you have to do is go to 01:36 and do a search for Google 01:38 PageSpeed tools now the first result 01:40 should be one from the Google developers 01:42 and it’s entitled PageSpeed tools Google 01:45 developers all I have to do is click on 01:48 that website go there and then there 01:50 should be a bar that you can type in 01:52 your URL into you don’t have to do is 01:54 type your URL there and then click run 01:56 insights and once you click run insights 01:59 what it will do is they’ll give you two 02:00 options of PageSpeed tests that they’ve 02:04 done they’ve done one for your mobile 02:05 site as well as for your desktop and 02:08 it’s a general rule of thumb is that 02:10 your website and your scores should be 02:12 above 85 for each what that says to 02:15 Google is that your website in their 02:17 eyes is fast enough and it’s also going 02:19 to be providing a good user experience 02:20 and you want to be writing a great user 02:23 experience because if Google sees that 02:25 you’re providing a great experience are 02:27 more likely to want to promote you and 02:28 increase an elevator 02:30 your search rankings the next test that 02:32 we can do is the SSL certificate type 02:35 chest 02:35 sorry the SSL certificate check and it’s 02:38 very simple you know is your site on 02:40 HTTPS Google I mean Google if you take a 02:44 look at any search result that you do 02:46 what people are finding now are that 02:49 half a page one Google results are now 02:51 HTTPS we look at this correlation if we 02:54 want to be on the front page you know we 02:56 want to be as competitive as possible so 02:58 we see that half a page one of Google 03:00 results are now HTTPS and maybe it’s a 03:03 good idea for have that for our site as 03:05 well and it’s a very easy check to see 03:07 if you have SSL installed and SSL just 03:10 means that your website is secure and 03:12 it’s securely transferring data between 03:14 the two endpoints which is your browser 03:16 and a server and so the easy check to do 03:19 is you just have to type your URL into a 03:21 Chrome web browser if you’re not using 03:23 Chrome I mean you can use any other web 03:25 browser as well but for this sake you 03:27 can type into a Chrome web browser and 03:29 you have to do is look at the top of the 03:30 URL bar to see if your site is secure if 03:33 you type it into Google Chrome you’ll 03:36 see that there is a green lock and the 03:38 green lock it’s a great credibility 03:40 indicator for your website and also 03:42 means that though that your website is 03:44 being read as secure if you don’t have 03:46 HTTPS or if you don’t have the green 03:48 lock and that’s something you should fix 03:50 and that’s a potential improvement for 03:51 your site especially if you’re trying to 03:53 be more competitive you’re trying to 03:54 build trust and credibility with your 03:56 customer having that secure lock and 03:59 HTTPS is great in terms of conversion as 04:02 well as your search engine results the 04:06 last check that conduce is the third one 04:08 is the mobile-friendly check the 04:10 majority of people are now accessing the 04:12 web using their what their devices so 04:15 their phones their tablets you know 04:18 their iPhones or iPads their Android 04:21 devices people are using and accessing 04:23 the web through their mobile devices and 04:25 this is only going to become more of a 04:27 greater trend as we go through time and 04:30 so here’s another quote by Barry 04:32 Schwartz who was a writer for search 04:34 engine land and Google said that on 04:36 April 21st 2015 04:38 Google’s mobile ranking factors will not 04:40 only label your site is mobile-friendly 04:42 but will also use that 04:43 to determine if your site should rank 04:45 higher in the search results Google said 04:47 that this algorithmic change will have a 04:48 significant impact than mobile search 04:50 results impacting all languages 04:52 worldwide so doesn’t matter where you 04:55 are located in the world having a 04:58 mobile-friendly site has a significant 05:00 impact on mobile search results and so 05:03 if you want to access 05:05 you know majority of the world I mean a 05:07 lot of majority people most people are 05:09 going to be accessing your website and 05:11 the web through their phones so if you 05:14 want to tap into that market and be ever 05:17 visible to them whenever they have a 05:19 problem we find your business then you 05:21 want to have a mobile-friendly site it’s 05:24 very critical to you and it’s very easy 05:26 to check to see if your website is 05:27 mobile-friendly all I have to do is go 05:29 to and do a web search for 05:31 Google mobile-friendly test type in your 05:33 website in and click run test as you can 05:35 see that google has a rich snippet which 05:37 pops up in their search results so you 05:39 don’t have to actually click through to 05:40 the website you can type it in directly 05:42 from your Google search and then just 05:44 see if your result says in pages 05:46 mobile-friendly if it’s not that’s 05:48 something that you should address 05:49 because that means that you are getting 05:52 discredited or getting a lower 05:54 positioning than you could have if you 05:56 had a mobile-friendly site online is 05:59 becoming more competitive space and so 06:00 you want every single advantage they can 06:02 get to be to have a better search 06:05 presence your competitors most likely 06:07 have a mobile-friendly test and if you 06:09 don’t have or have a mobile-friendly 06:11 site and if you don’t have that then 06:13 you’re behind the eight-ball in this 06:14 case and so one of the things I’m 06:17 curious about you know if you want to 06:18 leave in the comments or if you want to 06:19 send me a direct message you know how 06:21 many tests did you pass did you pass the 06:24 mobile-friendly test the secured the SSL 06:27 certificate test and the PageSpeed test 06:29 if you passed all three then you are 06:31 many times an anomaly in terms of your 06:34 in terms of your competition and your 06:37 industry because on majority of people 06:39 don’t have webmasters or SEO s 06:41 who are helping them pass all these 06:43 tests all these tests and all these 06:45 checks are critical because they really 06:47 help elevate your search engine results 06:49 and you want to do that in order for you 06:51 to connect with your customer first 06:53 before any of your competitors because 06:55 if you do that that means you’re making 06:56 more money for 06:57 business so that’s the end of this video 07:00 thank you for joining us today and 07:01 please make sure it’s actually try these 07:04 tests out to see if you are passing them 07:06 thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon 07:08 and see you in the next one bye bye  

Additonal references:

Google PageSpeed Insights

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