Social media integration with your website

It’s no secret that social media is a crucial part of your business’ marketing strategy. Is your team utilizing the powerful connection between your website and social media? Connecting your social media presence & website can boost traffic and followers on both platforms.

Social media integration in your website is simple with these tips.

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Tools to integrate on your website

Social Share and Follow Buttons
A great way to integrate your social media into your web pages is to incorporate social share or follow buttons. Boost your followers, by directing your readers to your many social platforms. Users can like or share content with a single click, improving user experience.
It’s hassle-free and easy to place on blog posts, your contact page or any relevant page. Best practices recommend that social share buttons located on the top, bottom, or side. Meaning anywhere is a great location! 
Use social sharing widgets like Shareaholic
Use social sharing widgets like Shareaholic
Add a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed on your homepage

The content on your home page doesn’t get updated as often as some of your other content. Forcing some returning customers to see the same screen again and again. Refresh your home content with a sampling of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. New content added to your site, on a regular basis, without extra work for you.

Integrating internal and external links.

Linking is an important marketing tool for both your website and social profiles. Relevant content & keywords, used on your website and social media posts, bring attention to your mission. A rule of thumb is to link to relevant sources of content, not to link for the sake of linking.

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Best practices for on social

Accessibility is important when building a website. It is as important, if not more, on social media platforms too. WebAim’s 2015 screen reader survey, found that 29% of respondents found social media to be somewhat or very inaccessible.
Use the same best practices on your social profile as your website. Remember to add descriptions for images, & spell out an acronym before displaying it. Our free accessibility toolkit can help you check your digital presence.WPSites508Compliance.008sm.png
Social Proof
Social proof is an important piece of creating legitimacy for your brand. It shows your audience they can trust you and allowing you to connect on a deeper level. Current research shows that 79% of customers trust social proof as much as personal recommendationsShow your audience you’re credible with a review or testimonial, or links to articles you’ve contributed for others. You can also include a social widget, like the Facebook Like Box.
Having a strong social media presence is a great way to promote your mission. But remember to treat it as an extension of your website, not something seperate.


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Amar is the president and co-founder of AmDee. He has been an industry leader in accessibility compliance—auditing and remediating websites, publishing articles, delivering presentations to national audiences, and training content editors and developers in accessibility best practices.

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