4 WordPress plugins for Analytics

Your WordPress site is set-up to integrate with social media and SEO plugins. But can you track the performance of your site?

Improved access to key visitor data enables you to maximize online campaign effectiveness.

If you have Google Analytics tracking code on your website you might be able to manage fine. But that’s still one more place to look. It would be nice if the analytics you needed were right in your WordPress dashboard. Well, there are reputable plugins that do this. The best plugins enable you to fine-tune your Google Analytics WordPress dashboard to present key statistics in a clear way.

Our 4 best WordPress plugins for analytics.

Monster insights plugin logo

MonsterInsights connects websites to Google Analytics without the trouble of coding. It’s installed through simple point and click. It displays real-time site traffic data in the WordPress admin area. You can measure success of blog posts, Google Ads, ecommerce and much more in its graphic displays all for a reasonable fee.

Better google analytics plugin logo

Better Google Analytics allows for easy coding and a wide range of tracking options. Its lightweight Java script enables a much faster website experience. No need to login your Google account when you can view reports, charts and other key data in WordPress. It includes an impressive range of historical and real time reporting options. Advanced features include Google Analytics Campaign Tracking and debugging mode.

Google analytics WD plugin logo

Google Analytics WD is a plugin that aims to allow you to get the most out of Google Analytics by overcoming online “speed bumps”. From the WordPress dashboard you get access to detailed tracking reports. You can compare report data and metrics for different dates. Reports display as pie charts or in other easy to absorb formats. There are a range of report export options, including email and PDF. It also supports customization to track statistics not commonly analyzed.

Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify plugin logo

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress is installed with 1-click with no need to manually copy any code. Review your google analytics data right from your WordPress dashboard. Included are lists of top countries and cities, and social media statistics. For a premium it is also designed to work with ecommerce addons such as WooCommerce.

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