17 July 2017

What is interactive content?

The days are long past where static content on its own satisfies the typical website visitor. Today’s technology allows developers to create more personal visitor experiences.

Interactive media content is one of the key concepts behind this online revolution.

A working definition

Even if you have not heard this term without doubt you have used interactive media content. Besides reading information it allows users to click, select and manipulate website elements. It comes in many different forms. Videos and animations, gifs, interactive maps, infographics and blogs are a few of the most popular ways to liven up websites. In these ways you make visits more enjoyable and meaningful. The best interactive media to achieve this goal varies with the organization’s nature.

Meet rising visitor expectations

Even the most traditional organization cannot afford to ignore this trend. Interactive web content is no fad but something essential to the website’s success. Remember that research shows the average visitor give you 8.25 seconds to catch their eye. With interactive media you offer something “more useful, more enjoyable, and more memorable.” Without this enhanced visitor experience you risk losing that potential customer or supporter.

Embrace interactive media

Rather than view interactive media as a challenge you must see it as an opportunity to embrace. In so many ways it can contribute to your online success. Investigate how you can use it to:

  • Keep supporters informed on your organization’s activities and encourage them to take part.
  • Draw attention to special sales or cause promotion.
  • Gather information on customers or members that will help you improve your operations.
  • Raise your website’s search engine results positioning.

Supporters who are not engaged become disengaged

Businesses and organizations must learn how interactive media can boost their online presence. Attracting more visitors and prolonging their website stay improves sales and furnishes vital data while also improving SEO. With a customized interactive media strategy you can revitalize your website.

Content is King

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