Integrations: Getting the most out of your PTI’s CRM

Imagine that your PTI needs to send an announcement to your constituents. You only need to send it to a select group, not the entire email list. So you laboriously track down every single qualified contact stored in your customer relationship manager (CRM), add them to your email mailing list, and send it off. 

Except, oops! Turns out you already sent the same announcement to a dozen of them. You also mistakenly included people the email doesn’t apply to. You know this because they all called your office to complain about getting spammed. 

Sound familiar?

This might not sound like a major PR disaster, but in reality, it’s a frustrating experience for both your constituent and your staff. The parent is frustrated at getting unnecessary messages, and your agent’s valuable time is wasted on figuring out who should get what (and who has gotten what). 

The many possibilities of CRM integrations

You can connect your CRM to many applications to streamline your PTI center’s entire work process. Here are some examples:

Emailing: When a user contacts you via your contact page for help, you can have them automatically added to the CRM in specific types of buckets, by problem or region. Later you can use this information to automatically build mailing lists.

Website marketing: Do you have sign-up pages or limited access training materials on your website? Your CRM can integrate with your website so that it can automatically collect and organize the contact information of people who visit your site or sign-in and store their information in one place. 

It can also help you manage automated surveys after you have successfully helped a constituent so you get prompt feedback about your services linked to the person who received said services.

Events: If you have events or trainings, you can automatically log the details of the event into your CRM, or even send reminders. After the event you can track which contacts attended and improve your connections with them in the future.

Donations: Do you accept donations? Your CRM can integrate with systems like Quickbooks so that you can streamline the record-keeping process and make sure all your accounts are up to date. 

CRM Integrations are the way to go

Many PTI centers use an email management platform, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, to manage their center’s email communications. Additionally events might be hosted through Zoom and donations through Paypal. The advantage of integrating with a CRM, such as Salesforce, to collect, store and retrieve constituent details is that now, instead of needing to look in multiple places, all of the relevant information is stored in one place. This simplifies data entry and makes case details more accessible by any member of your team

Additionally it simplifies reporting to your board when the two systems are integrated, as information can flow freely between the two systems. It all helps you focus on the actual message, instead of painfully keeping things up to date by hand. 

How AmDee can help

CRM integrations are only as good as the team setting it up. If it’s not built properly, any number of things could go wrong: missing or erroneous information, inconsistent performance or even corruption of the CRM database (in extreme cases). 

Fortunately, the team at AmDee has successfully performed many CRM integrations for PTI facilities and nonprofits. We collect detailed information about what you need collected and then do the technical work to set it up. Afterward we guide you through the process so you know exactly what’s being done and why. 

Reach out to us today and ask us more about the CRM integration process and how it can help your PTI center deliver better and more consistent customer experience. 

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