5 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a vital part of growing any business. It is an easy-to-use platform, offering free signup and allowing small and large organizations alike to reach new and existing audiences. Managing your outlets by finding and posting fresh content and interacting with your audience is vital to your success.

However, it is time-consuming to log in to each platform individually to perform these tasks. Using a social media management tool helps you do these tasks in less time without sacrificing the quality of your posts.

Finding the right tools can be difficult, here is AmDee’s list of top 5 social media management tools.

Tool: Buffer

Why it works: In order to maintain an active social media presence, it is important to curate content that relates to your work and audience. Identifying the right content isn’t always easy, but with Buffer, your marketing team can quickly find articles, relevant blog posts, and other shareable media your audience takes interest in. By cutting down on time spent searching the web, they’re open to tackle other important tasks.


Price: $99.00 to 399.00/month


50% off for 501c nonprofits


Tool: Hootsuite

Why it works: Hootsuite allows you to maintain a single dashboard for all your platforms, removing distractions as you create and schedule effective content. What makes Hootsuite so cool is its ROI (return on investment) tool. By using their real-time analytics, you can figure out what content is performing the best and develop a smarter, more effective strategy to promote your organization. Your brand is important: it’s what makes your nonprofit stand out. Hootsuite provides profile protections and access controls to guard against hackers or those with malicious intent so your brand stays yours. 

Price: $9.99 – 39.99/month for companies, free for individual accounts


Nonprofits receive a 50% discount on professional and team pricing


Tool: Tweetdeck

Why it works: As a nonprofit you may have multiple twitter accounts, and you’ll need a user-friendly and price-friendly tool to manage them. Tweetdeck gives you both! Similarly to Buffer, you can schedule tweets, view your timeline, track trending hashtags, and much more. You no longer need to have 10 tabs open to manage your twitter, as Tweetdeck compiles it all in one place. And the best part? It’s free!

Price: Free for all!

Tool: SocialFlow

Why it works: Imagine a tool that combines the best of Tweetdeck with the best of Buffer. That’s what you’ll find with SocialFlow. Use it to schedule tweets during times when your audience is most active or post recommended articles boosting your presence. SocialFlow is all about optimizing your platforms. Like Hootsuite, SocialFlow will provide you with must-have analytics plus premier optimization tools for campaigns. If you are looking to begin social advertising, this tool is for you!

Price: $30.00 – 99.99 a month, depending on the size of your business


Tool: Agorapulse

Why it works: Agorapulse has boundless tools for your social team to use. Schedule messages, create calendars to easily view upcoming posts, monitor your competitor’s social pages via their comparison tool, and monitor and take control of your customer relations management. Export reports for your board and other team members that explains how well your platforms are doing. While it is the priciest tool on the list the options, its features make it one of the best tools for growing your social media presence. If you are willing to up your social media spending, it may provide the best bang for your buck.

Price: $99.00-299.00/month

30% off for nonprofit monthly plans




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