UI & Design

What is UI?

UI is a popular term to refer to anything that the user visually interacts with digitally. It is the user interface they see and engage with. 

It’s an important balancing act between ensuring a user’s mobile experience is the same experience they would have at their desktop. 

Why is UI for my website important?

In the twenty-first century, your website has only moments to prove its value. We’ll make sure your customers find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and easily, with intuitive structures, layouts, and navigation. 

How is UI for websites different than the design done for other materials?

Websites are designed to be viewed digitally and are accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Traditional, printed marketing materials require your prospects to be within close proximity of your business to physically receive the materials. 

While both mediums have certain best-practices guides to follow, your website is best thought of as a living, breathing entity. As such it needs to be updated more regularly to ensure users continue to be able to see and engage with your site

No matter the endpoint of the materials it’s important your design team can create or update logos and marketing collateral for any distribution method. 

Some of our UI work has included front end redesigns to better organize the structure and ensure