XR Association

XR Association, a new organization working to provide resources and information to the XR, VR and AR communities, hired AmDee to redesign their website to provide a better reflection of their organization, simplify the process to find information and resources, learn about XR activities and events and integrate with a members only area/ gathering place.

From the Client

It was a pleasure working with Amar, Elyssa and the Amdee team. As a new organization they were attentive to our needs and to ensuring that our solutions had room to grow with us as an organization

Elizabeth Hyman CEO XRA


The existing XRA site had been designed when XR Technologies were just developing and as such felt static and basic instead of immersive and advanced.

AmDee was hired to address the following issues while utilizing existing XRA branded colors:

  • Current site is not very cool nor advanced for an XR tech organization
  • It is difficult to find the members only area
  • It is difficult to find public policies, research and best practices
  • It is difficult to download resources
  • There are no integrations with social media channels to bring social content onto the site or allow easy sharing on social channels
  • It doesn’t promote members through the use of their logos
  • The site did not meet WCAG guidance for accessibility purposes.


Once AmDee had secured the contract we began by determining the above mentioned challenges to be able to begin to work through addressing them. At the forefront of this project was always ensuring it would be designed, developed and implemented to meet WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines. Throughout the various stages checks were performed to ensure compliance.

  • Our first step was to identify methods commonly used by other XR and cutting edge technology companies to catch and hold user’s attention. After research was performed we settled on ensuring that motion was included across various pages on the site.
  • We simplified the top level navigation to allow the users to more quickly navigate to public policies, research and best practices. While simplifying the footer navigation as well.
  • Additionally we added a button at the top for Members Only login and ensured it was prominently displayed in the footer.
  • Once a user had found the resource of interest we made it obvious through the use of text and icons what document(s) they would be downloading when multiple were attached to the same resource.
  • Implemented social share buttons sitewide to simplify sharing news, research and best practices.
  • Additionally we ensured that members logos were prominently displayed on the home page, about and XR at a glance pages.
  • AmDee also helped XR Association in creating responsive email templates that can be used for members and non-members communication.

Within three months after launch the following improvements were seen.


Bounce Rate Reduction


User Increase


Increase of Pageviews