PPMD Salesforce Integration

The Parents’ Place of Maryland began in 1990 and today offers a variety of programs and services that continue to support families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Parents’ Place supports thousands of Maryland families each year and needed a streamlined method to record cases that were both open and closed. They also needed to gather invaluable data about how they were performing via surveys.


A more streamlined way was needed to connect the PPMD website and Salesforce to manage data

  • Needed a way to automate the information from the Contact Us form to Salesforce
  • Automatically create a new case alleviating the need for manual “cut-and-paste”
  • Automatically send a survey after a case is closed
  • Save the survey results in Salesforce


AmDee suggested a custom solution that would pass information from the PPMD website to Salesforce and collect follow up information.

  • Use Salesforce API to create a new contact for the Contact Us form request (only if the requestor email does not exist in Salesforce)
    • This required custom configuration
  • Create a case in Salesforce using API
  • Needed a way that data from the website could be pushed to Salesforce – done via a 3rd party plugin to push data into the correct mapped areas within Salesforce
  • Once the case was closed via Salesforce an automatic survey was generated and emailed to the address on file. The links were specific for that user/case and once completed the results were logged to Salesforce
  • Metrics related to cases can be pulled from Salesforce directly.