PIC’s Limited Access Video Portal

Parent Information Center of Delaware, PIC of Delaware, created video resources to educate their constituents on various topics. While the videos remain freely available on PIC’s YouTube channel they wanted a way to showcase the videos directly within their website, collect demographic information about the users and solicit survey results to be used for internal purposes.

To achieve this AmDee proposed user pathways, depending on if they were new or returning, with a limited access portal. PIC is able to gather initial constituent information directly within the portal, and have the information automatically pushed to Salesforce. Additionally users are able to receive accreditation after successfully watching videos and filling in surveys.


PIC needed a specific area that they could use to collect information about who was watching their videos.  The following specific criteria were defined from a technical stand point.

  • Need a way to get information about who is watching videos put together by PIC for reporting purposes
    • Want general about them
    • Want specific about the video they watched / knowledge level of topic
  • Need it to integrate with Salesforce for simplicity and tracking

Additionally PIC staff wanted to make it a welcoming place that was intuitive and friendly for their users. The following criteria were identified to make it a success for the users.

  • Need a way to allow users to register, on their own, to get access
    • Additionally needed a way to have them be able to reset their own passwords if needed
  • Constituents should be able to share progress of their education across social media channels
  • Need to ensure that the area is 508 compliant and accessible for all.


Working with designers experienced in video portals and accessibility standards AmDee provided the following solutions:

  • Firstly a user journey was created to show the expected paths available to the user to register or login to the platform, view videos, complete surveys and keep track of all of their actions.
  • With this knowledge, the design was created and shown.
    • It used existing PIC branding for integration to the existing site.

Included for the user were:

  • A dashboard showing previously watched videos.
    • It shows whether they were fully watched or partially watched.
  • A place to re-download certificates as needed for fully watched videos.

Included for the PIC staff were:

  • A way to view:
    • New users who have signed up
    • User record of videos watched
    • User record of video surveys completed
  • Integration with Salesforce for records of campaigns
  • Ability to add transcripts which will automatically display only a portion until the user has clicked to view all.

Within six months after launch...


Registered New Users


Pageviews of the Video Listing Page