Parent to Parent of Georgia Roadmap Update

Parent to Parent of Georgia (P2PGA) is an organization that offers services to Georgia families impacted by special healthcare needs or disabilities. Their roadmap is a resource offering practical information, and advice for each of the 12 key stages an individual or family may go through.

This project was the second part of a website redesign project. The goals of the roadmap update were to keep its visually playful aspects while ensuring it was brought under the primary P2PGA website domain and was compliant to WCAG AA standards.


The original P2PGA roadmap had a standalone and separate URL (subdomain) from the main P2PGA website. While the landing page featured a colorful and attractive graphic, enjoyed by the users, it was neither responsive nor accessible.

The major obstacles for this project included:

  • Bringing the roadmap resources under the primary P2PGA website.
  • Replacing the non-accessible nor responsive graphics.
  • Keeping the overall playful feeling.
  • Reducing the wasted white space of the graphic on its landing page and on all internal pages.
  • Creating uniformity between landing pages and internal pages.
  • Ensuring all graphic elements are used, in moderation, throughout the site and where relevant.
  • Simplify the navigation back to the main website.


AmDee was hired to rethink the Roadmap portion of the website and create a graphic that could be featured prominently on the landing page and with elements internally that would be accessible to all users. We brought on a talented illustrator to recreate the original image while addressing the accessibility challenges.

During this project the team made the following changes:

  • Ensure the entire P2PGA website, including the Roadmap, met WCAG AA accessibility regulations.
  • Ensure the entire Roadmap resource was under the parent website.
  • Created new illustrations including.
  • A new, accessible, landing page graphic that mimicked the original.
  • Individual icons to be featured on internal pages.

Results from the redesign


more views per month

21 seconds

increase in average time on pages


decrease in bounce rate