KY-SPIN,Inc., located in Kentucky, provides families with the knowledge, skills, information & support they need to obtain improved services for their children with disabilities.

AmDee is superior when it comes to knowing and executing the most up-to-date technology and design! We are a small non-profit, AmDee worked with us to get most out of a limited budget that enabled us to provide the best possible website for our families. They understand what you need even when you don't know all the technical terms and explains things in an understanding manner without being demeaning. Their passion and knowledge are unmatched and greatly appreciated!

Rhonda Logsdon Executive Director KY Spin


The client had converted their old HTML page into WordPress a few years ago but decided to use a free WordPress theme with minimum ability to customize the site. During the intermediary time they had discovered a few struggles their users were experiencing on the website and wanted to address those with the help of AmDee.

  • Needed an updated menu/ navigation
    • Needed it to be more concise
  • Updated design
  • Wanted to use brand colors more
  • Wanted to showcase images and events better
  • Wanted to promote their social media links and subscribe to their mailing list
  • Needed it to meet WCAG AA
  • Wanted to improve the users’ experience on the website, and provide 1-click access to the most relevant materials.
    • Needed to define the most relevant materials, the client had their assumptions but no data to confirm.


AmDee approached the KY-Spin website with fresh eyes, studying analytic data to find pain points while also updating the visual aspects of the website to meet the client’s desires as well as conform to best practices.

  • Included more branded colors throughout the site
  • Removed slider and updated html/css to meet WCAG AA standards
  • Updated menu terminology
  • Reimagined the home page to showcase important resources and events, gathered from analytic data and heatmaps of where the users were going
  • Simplified pages to reduce the number of clicks needed to find content
  • Used more pronounced graphical elements to break up strings of text

Results from the redesign

In the subsequent months since the redesign, they have continued to see similar numbers to immediately after their relaunch.


More Views Each Month


Increase in 7 day Active Users


Increase in Session Duration