First WNC

The organization FIRST aims to help persons with disabilities to fully participate in the community through family and individual support groups and resources. AmDee redesigned the FIRST website and launched in early 2017.

From the Client

It was great to have a group that understood our organization and what we needed so we could focus on content and not function. We were very satisfied that the project took the right amount of time and did not exceed our original timeframe. They were very patient with us while we were rebranding at the same time and it worked out great!

Janet Price-Ferrell Executive Director First WNC


It was important to the First WNC staff to not confuse users with a vastly different design and navigation when the new site was launched.

First WNC had some specific goals for the new website including, a repository for resources and more clear “call to actions” for contacts & referrals.

A rebranding effort was taking place at the same time as the website so they needed to know that their web designer and development team would handle the majority of the functionality of the website, leaving their resources on the more important tasks of focusing on the updates to the content they desired.


AmDee presented suggestions for improving the user experience including a more clear menu and better use of the space within the home screen for commonly accessed sections from the site.

We developed a custom theme and website that could handle all of their needs.