Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC)

ECAC is a private non-profit parent organization committed to improving the lives and education of ALL children through a special emphasis on children with disabilities.


ECAC was using an ASP website which was difficult for staff to update and maintain. It was also difficult for constituents to use. There was no central CMS platform within the website and staff needed to utilize a variety of programs and platforms in order to do updates and work.

  • The website was difficult to update
  • The website was difficult for constituents to use.
  • As there was no direct migration and did not have a content management system all content needed to be hand migrated into the new CMS.
  • Staff needed to be trained on the new WordPress CMS in order to perform updates.
  • After the server migration to Google enterprise, the entire ECAC staff had to be trained on the new system.


AmDee was initially brought on to migrate the data from the ASP website to a CMS, WordPress. We developed the site with more clear menu items and key areas featured on the home page. We manually copied all of the data from the ASP website into the WordPress CMS and then provided personalized training to teach the ECAC staff on how to perform updates.

After that we also migrated their server to Google enterprise system and trained the staff on how to use that as well.