Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) – Who Knows What Webpage

AmDee created the backend for their drupal site, including developing the ability to create a profile, update profile, and log in.
We matched the front-end design with the existing CPIR website.

From the Client

After inheriting The Who Knows What project from a transferred grant, AmDee was instrumental in transferring the extensive online resource library and creating an entirely new website for our project. Elyssa is a delight to work with and was clear and prompt in her communications. I also think very highly of Amar, whom I have worked with for many years since the first project with NICHCY. Again, I will simply say thank you, because I appreciate your hard work and the good looking result!

Jessica Wilson Director of Communication & Dissemination Who Knows What at CPIR


The client approached AmDee to assist design and develop the Who Knows What website with the knowledge of our agility.

Initially, the client presented with:

  • A website with a large breadth
  • No essential requirements outline.
  • Fluctuating scope, liable to rapid chang


AmDee use our small company agility to

  • Address new or changes to requirements rapidly
  • Be available for quick meetings to address changes in priorities and benchmarks.