28 March 2016

WordPress – Easy Solution for Non-Profits

WordPress is a Website Content Management System used to create beautiful user friendly websites. Many famous blogs, apps, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress.Its contribution to Non-Profit Organization sector cannot be undermined.It is really easy to create engaging online experiences with the help of wordress platform and so non-profits love it.

A wordpress website runs on a wordpress theme. WordPress themes help to run the websites effectively and efficiently. These themes with responsive design can smoothly run on any devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptopetc. Websites made on WordPress platform are very easy to manage and can be quickly updated even by a naive user. These websites are easy to maintain and can be customized to suit any needs. WordPress websites are simple to install, easy to customize, and easy for non-technical staff to administer, it is also incredibly flexible. It scales for organizations big and small, and can be customized to suit any needs. By incorporating images, videos and blog articles, visitors are able to take more conscious decisions and encouraged to take actions by donating. By getting tech savvy through these websites, Non-profits can reach thousands of people from around the world which otherwise would have been limited to a small town or district. Even organizations with limited budgets can create websites to give a professional online experience. Important features like sponsor section and donation buttons can be integrated into the website. It exudes a positive impression that helps to push causes forward. WordPress creates meticuluos website that fits your vision and fuels fundraising.

Another important feature of Wordpres is Plugins. WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded on a WordPress powered sites to extend and expand its functionality. There are various wordpress plugins that help run the functions of the website in the easiest and fastest way.Plugins transforms website into a powerhouse that boost their social cause. Here are a few essential Plugins that provides easy solutions to the Non- Profits:

Here is a small list of things than can be achieved by Non-Profits using a wordpress platform.

  1. Encourage comments on your posts and Engage your readers
  2. Automatically Backup and Restore your website
  3. Include forms, surveys, quizzes, and take requests from readers
  4. Sell items, products, and services online
  5. Take Single Payment Donation as well as Recurring Donation
  6. Create, manage, and Sell tickets to events, and display events on a calendar
  7. Make your site more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  8. View and store Traffic statistics for your website posts and pages
  9. Shares your post and pages on social media networks
  10. Create a short URL for your posts for easy sharing
  11. Embed media from places like YouTube and Vimeo
  12. Automatically Post New articles to social media sites
  13. Grammar and spelling checker
  14. Embed Image Carousels in posts and pages
  15. Ability to Convert your Website to a Mobile site

The above list shows that almost any desired feature in a Non-Profit website can be easily achieved using the WordPress Platform.

Amar Trivedi

President and founder of AmDee, Amar provides insight of nonprofit technology through occasional guest blogs for AmDee and others