27 October 2016

Website Practices: Making it Personal

Getting Personal With Your Website

Today alone, I have used my search engine to look up the hours of operation for a store. I researched the baggage policy for an airline. I asked for directions to a balloon store for a holiday party. Each site that I landed on immediate picked up that I was on my phone. They all recognized that I was in Eastern Virginia. Some took it a step further and displayed ads based on my recent shopping patterns. It was clever & helpful personalization at it’s finest.

So how can organizations create a more personalized website?

Well first, the target audience should be established. A large component of customizing a site is to make it appealing to a specific group. Below, there are 3 ways to offer a unique user experience for each visitor that clicks into your site.

Putting a Face to the Name

Offering a section about the organization’s story, mission, and staff allows viewers to feel more welcomed into the site. Images of individuals showed an increase in conversion rate of over 95%.

Pictures give visitors someone to trust.

Building trust and credibility is a crucial component in today’s virtual age.

Elevator Pitch

Take advantage of new site visitors by creating an experience just for them. When a new IP Address ventures to your new site, throw an elevator pitch for them upon arrival. It can be a few sentences that grabs their attention and encourages them to explore the company.

Newsletters, Events, and Social Media… Oh My!

In other efforts to boost credibility and trust, encourage users to sign up for the organization’s newsletter. Offer ways to engage on social media so they can continue to see the work being done! If the business hosts events, webinars, or classes, think about promoting them on the site as well. Bringing customers out from behind the screen is a great way to build relationships.

The bottom line is simply this: You should never be finished updating your pages. As time goes on, your audience changes, the market changes, and a static page could lose its effectiveness. What are some ways your org has personalized their site? Tweet us @AmDeeLLC and let us know!