01 October 2018

Top 6+ Productivity Extensions for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Small businesses and nonprofits share the unique challenge of needing to be as productive as possible (whether that is responsive to client emails, tracking down potential donors or maintaining an effective social media presence) often on a tight budget. Although the budgets are small nonprofit executives and small business owners often have large expectations, sometimes expecting immediate results.

The key with lean budgets and a desire to increase productivity is resourcefulness: by utilizing the Google Chrome web browser in a more effective way with extensions. Extensions just may be the solution to help you conquer your challenging organizational goals with tools customized to your personal needs.

Extensions are small software programs that are tailored to the user’s individual functionality and behavioral needs. Basically, they create a customized and optimized browsing experience which helps you to be more focused, productive and professional on a small budget. We at AmDee are big fans of the Google Chrome browser (which currently has 60.3% of the web browser market share. It has seemingly infinite extensions to choose from! Don’t worry, we’ve come up with 6 of the top extensions and a complete list of 29 extensions for you to download, specially selected for productivity that should have you seeing BIG gains in productivity (and hopefully profitability).


Below are the top 6 productivity extensions for nonprofits and small business.


Extensions for Client & Donor Relations.

1. Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang is an email management tool with send later, track responses, content development features. Schedule and track client and donor queries to remain as responsive as possible.

2. Streak
Streak is a Customer Relationship Management tool that allows you to track every aspect of the sales process from your Gmail inbox.

Extensions for Social Media Marketing Managers

3. Cite This for Me: Web Citr
Cite This for Me: Web Citr makes attributing articles for business proposals or blog posts a relatively painless experience.

4. Discoverly
Discoverly displays the social media “footprint” of a potential client or individual you want to connect with by displaying any mutual connections you might share and showing their recent Tweets.

Extensions for Time Management

5. Evernote Clipper
If the members of your team are Evernote fans then they will definitely want to use this extension. Easily save things they see on the web directly into their Evernote account.

6. HoverReader
HoverReader allows you to hover the cursor over any URL and see the full article without clicking through to the website.



For the 23 other must-have Chrome extensions download AmDee’s ebook: “29 Productivity Hacks for Nonprofits & Small Businesses” here!

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Christine J.

Christine Job is an American business development consultant specializing in solopreneurs and micro businesses. She predominantly works with Creatives and wellness professionals. Christine currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.