20 November 2018

Thankful in 2018

Although 2018 has had a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, both within the USA as well as within the world it is the time of the year to look back and reflect. Whether you were looking to make big changes or maintain the norm, make a change in your personal life or in your professional AmDee staff took a few minutes to dig deep to find what they are thankful for this year.

Thankful in 2018

Owner & Founder headshot AmarAmar: I love Thanksgiving holiday. What is there NOT to love? Food, football, fun, friends and family! Apart from all these, this is also a day to reflect and ponder. The day-to-day chaos of being an entrepreneur and responsibilities of business takes away the opportunity to sit back and think about how fortunate and grateful I should be.
This has been an exciting year for AmDee – new clients, challenging projects, some new faces added to the team. Here are top 3 things (and not in any particular order) that I am grateful about this year.
1. The opportunity to work with amazingly talented clients, partners and AmDee staff. AmDee is in consulting business – we help our clients build the most engaging sites and apps in the digital world. Each client brings a new challenge and tons of knowledge about their industry. Learning about their business is one of the best perks of running AmDee. Discussing and working on solutions that best fit our clients’ needs with our talented designers and developers challenge my thinking and inspire me creatively. I am thankful to all the amazing people I get to work with.

2. Remote company means I get to travel! AmDee is a completely remote company. We do not have an office and everyone works from home. This allows the staff to create their own schedule. With the technology, we are all digital nomads and can work from anywhere. As busy as this year has been, remote work has allowed me to travel and still remain in touch with clients and staff. One of the most memorable visits this year was in June – to Banff and Lake Louise in Canada. Here are couple of pictures from the area. The natural splendor is unbelievable. The talented staff of AmDee allows me to take time off and travel as and when necessary.
3. I am ever so grateful for my family! As cliche as it sounds, I am really really thankful for the support I have always received from my family. This year marked the 20th death anniversary of my father and as a family we decided to commemorate his life and legacy by participating in Hope In Motion – fundraising initiative for the Bennett Cancer Center. My mother provides the guidance and perspective every time I talk to her and this year was no different.
I am most thankful to my wife – Dee. Knowing that I have her by my side and her unconditional support gives me the strength and motivation to work harder. Her ability to understand my unspoken words makes us a great team!



Carolyn: I’m thankful for my family’s and my health, the roof over our heads and the abundance of love in my life. For my husband who never complains and always shows his appreciation. My daughter, whom I would move mountains for and who reminds me everyday for the purpose of my existence, and my other daughter, soon to be born, who has shown me that when you think you are completely filled up with love, there’s always room for more. Finally (though certainly not the end), I’m thankful for the capacity to be thankful and reflect in appreciation on what I have rather than what I do not have. Happy Thanksgiving!


Cheryl: I’m extremely grateful for my friends and family. The past several years have been difficult ones with a bad back injury, job changes and moving to a new city. My friends and family showed more support than I could ask for. And in an ever-increasing world of contact being through texting and social media, I’m thankful for friends who still call, and put their phones down to catch-up in person. I become more grateful each year to have such wonderful people in my life.



Christine: Thanksgiving, the greatest of all American holidays, is a wonderful time of year to reflect on the things you are most grateful for and spend time with the people you appreciate the most. This Thanksgiving (like last Thanksgiving) I’ll be spending away from dear friends and family in the U.S. and spending the day working in Barcelona. As I think about the past year, I am especially grateful for the friendships that I have forged since I moved abroad. Living abroad in a city where there are two official languages (Spanish and Catalan), a distinct culture and vastly different meal times can at times be daunting, confusing and lonely. With the addition of working remotely, finding camaraderie and a friendly ear can sometimes be difficult. I have been especially lucky to have met fantastically interesting people who have become supportive, hilarious and dependable friends. Although I’ll miss my family and all of the traditions that come with Thanksgiving Stateside, I truly appreciate the adventure that I am currently on and all of the wonderful friends I have made along the way! Happy Thanksgiving!


Project Manager Elyssa Respaut headshotElyssa: I’m thankful for my good health and my immediate family and their good health. While this year has brought some health issues for my Uncle he is hopefully on the road to recovery and everyone else within my family has maintained their health. Last year, 2017, brought a physical move I am grateful for those friendships that I have had, and those that began, even with time zones and an ocean separate us. I am also grateful to have been able to see my parents when they visited me in January and again in September when I visited them.


Headshot of Jeff Creamer

Jeff: I am thankful for an improving worldwide internet. As more and more people from all corners of the globe are able to get online and share their stories, plights, successes and ideas, we all benefit. I am also thankful for relationships not dependant on the internet, such as non-Facebook friends I actually see and employers who will hire people that aren’t on LinkedIn. Finally, I’m also thankful for music, humor and a planet to stand on. The latter makes it all possible, and music and humor make it all enjoyable.



Designer Jessica Skorich headshot1 Jessica: This year I’m thankful for finding a new place to live, that I got a chance to see my aunt this year, and that my parents were safe and sound after 2 hurricanes.



Jyoti: I’m thankful for my friends and family because they’re always there for me and give me great advice. Anytime I’m in a bad situation or confused about something they are always there for me. And sometimes my friends understand more than my family, depending on the circumstances. Besides, I can trust my friends. I usually love to travel with both family and friends. I am so lucky to have them.


headshot of Lindsay LiedkeLindsay: What I am Thankful For This Year: This time of year always inspires me to step back from the busy day-to-day tasks that come with being a professional and single mom. It lets me reflect on the things that I am thankful for and express my gratitude in any way I can. This year, I am truly thankful for my unbelievable son that brings me laughter and hope every day. I am thankful for the work I have that allows me to support both my son and myself so that we can live relatively “stress-free” when it comes to finances. I am thankful for my family, friends, and the wonderful people that show me even a small kindness, despite not knowing me. And I am thankful for the seemingly minor things in life, such as a hot cup of coffee, the sunshine on my face, the smell of flowers, and thoughts that the future holds nothing but better things for me and those I love.


Developer Man Ma headshotMan: I’m thankful for my family, good health and career.




Elyssa Respaut

Elyssa works as an occasional writer when not otherwise managing projects.