27 May 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest May 27

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What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Before Starting Their Own Company

Three in five Americans dreamt of starting their own businesses last year. In 2009, AmDee founder and business owner Amar Trivedi was way ahead of the curve. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own company or taking that first step into entrepreneurship, Amar has unearthed the key to evolving a successful, well-respected company.

And it might not be what you think.

“I started the company in 2009. I always felt that one of the easiest ways to keep up with technology was to actually do side work or work after hours. I was working as a software architect at Department of Commerce, and there was a small side project somebody wanted me to do and I would do it after hours,” Amar says. “They specifically said that they needed somebody who had experience in accessibility and they wanted me to do the work and so around the same time I was in the process of rethinking whether I wanted to work or just jump into doing my own thing full-time, then this opportunity came about so I took the plunge. As it turned out, our first client was a nonprofit organization that provided information to people with disabilities.”

Ten years later, accessibility and integrity are still a huge part of AmDee.

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Website Security News

Microsoft’s First Windows Xp Patch In Years Is A Very Bad Sign
This Week, Microsoft issued patches for 79 flaws across its platforms and products. One of them merits particular attention: a bug so bad that Microsoft released a fix for it on Windows XP, an operating system it officially abandoned five years ago.

If You Own One of These Older Macs, Your Security May Be in Trouble
First, it was Meltdown and Spectre. Now, it’s ZombieLoad. Suffice to say, there are a lot of scary-sounding vulnerabilities that bad actors would leverage to attack our Macs. Luckily, Apple is already on top of it.

Google Has Stored Some Passwords In Plaintext Since 2005
It Happened Again: Google announced today that it’s the latest tech giant to have accidentally stored user passwords unprotected in plaintext. G Suite users, pay attention. Google says that the bug affected “a small percentage of G Suite users,” meaning it does not impact individual consumer accounts, but does affect some business and corporate accounts, which have their own risks and sensitivities.

Website Accessibility News

How Your Company Can Prevent ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits
Search Engine Journal
Every day, websites and mobile apps prevent people from using them. Ignoring accessibility is no longer a viable option. How do you prevent your company from being a target for a website accessibility ADA lawsuit?

Nonprofit News

Nonprofits as Agents of Tension and Democracy
Nonprofit Quarterly
Nonprofit organizations are frequently lauded as essential contributors to a functioning democracy, but what does that actually mean? In what ways do nonprofits help express the democratic impulses of liberty, autonomy, and self-determination? In its purest democratic form, every nonprofit would sprout from an independent community concern or idea, born around a kitchen table, exhibiting a shared commitment of some sort.
<a href=>How To Leverage YouTube For Your Nonprofit</a>ForbesIn the last year, our nonprofit has increased social media participation, particularly on YouTube. At one point, we thought YouTube was just for a certain demographic and wouldn’t be where we could reach out to prospective donors or volunteers. We couldn’t have been more incorrect and would have continued missing out on a great opportunity to engage with our target audience if we hadn’t developed a YouTube strategy.

Fundraising News

Instagram Stories Donate Sticker: A P2P Fundraising Dream For Nonprofits
After months of speculation, the new Instagram Stories “Donate” button — er, sticker — is upon us. So, how should nonprofits approach this new functionality? The allure of the donate button/sticker lives exclusively on Instagram Stories.

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