10 June 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest June 10

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5 Ways to Stay Productive and Professional When Working Remotely
There’s no point beating around the bush: Working from home has its fair share of distractions. Whether you have children, pets, or an annoying neighbor who seems to only mow his lawn when you’re on an important call, it can be really difficult to balance at-home life with work life  — and not sacrifice your productivity.

Website Accessibility News

Universal Design Means Accessibility in Higher Education
The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) team has launched the Classroom and Lab Support form, for instructors with hearing impairment in Smart Classrooms and Labs at Northern Illinois University (NIU) to quickly request technical assistance using their smartphone.

Here are 23 terms you should know to better understand accessibility DC

The internet should be inclusive of all who want to use it. But that’s not possible if technologists building it aren’t familiar with accessibility best practices — or even the correct terms to use when describing them.

Online training in digital accessibility for visually impaired people opens doors to new job


The National Association for the Blind is organizing online programs on digital accessibility training for visually impaired people. This is important given the potential growth of job opportunities companies need people who can test websites and other digital mediums to ensure they are accessible for people with disabilities.

The Benefit of Designing for Everyone – A Research Report on the Importance of Inclusive Design


The Australia-based Centre for Inclusive Design has partnered with Adobe and Microsoft to release a report focused on how persons who have trouble accessing or using products and services are often excluded in the design process.

Website Security News

WordPress Hacks: 5 Ways to Protect WordPress from Hacking

Security Boulevard

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) out there. That’s why it is vital to prevent WordPress hacking. Statistically, over 33% of websites currently run on WordPress.

Patched WordPress plugin vulnerability exploited to send visitors to bad sites

Ars Technica

Hackers have been actively exploiting a recently patched vulnerability in some websites that causes the sites to redirect to malicious sites or display misleading popups, security researchers warned on Wednesday.

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