29 January 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest January 29, 2019

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Breaking News

Ex-Employee Hacks WPML WordPress Plugin Site and Spams Users

Bleeping Computer
On January 19th, the WPML WordPress plugin site was hacked by a former employee who sent the site’s users mass messages stating the plugin was riddled with vulnerabilities and that the users should consider removing the plugin. The hacker also infiltrated the company’s website and added “security holes” as one of its features on its purchase page. Apparently, the disgruntled ex-employee had left a “backdoor” or code that bypasses normal authentication and encryption. The “backdoor” was fixed and the company reassured users that their data was safe, but still suggested users change their passwords.

WPML WordPress provides a Plugin that allows users to add multilingual support to their WordPress sites and has 600,000 users. Imagine trying to explain to 600,000 customers that your security has been breached internally by a former employee. All of the hard work in earning customer’s trust can be broken in a matter of moments. This situation was completely preventable.

This incident stresses the importance of website security not just from external threats, but from unsuspecting internal threats. Is your website secure from both outside and inside hacks? Not sure, send us an email and we can help determine your website’s current security risks.

Website Security News

WordPress Sites Compromised via Zero Day Vunerabilities in Total Donations Plugin

Last week WordFence announced the zero day vulnerability on a popular WordPress donation plugin – Total Donation. As of today, January 29, the developers of the plugin have not responded to fix the issue. In this current situation, we recommend all users who have used the plugin (even if it is in disabled mode) to remove it completely. Here is a (long) guide on how to uninstall a WP plugin step-by-step:

Website Accessibility News

Domino’s under fire for UX: Top tips for inclusive digital design

Real Business
Sigma’s Hilary Stephenson shares top tips on managing user experience for customers with ranging abilities so SMEs can lead the charge where larger organizations may fall short.

Accessible Design: The 3 Most Critical Optimizations

UX Planet
As designers study accessible design they will likely find out, more accessible design is synonymous with better design. It’s natural to see how given the common definitions of accessible.

It’s designers who can make gaming more accessible for people living with disabilities

The Conversation AU
If you’ve been following recent buzz in the gaming industry, you might be under the impression that video games are more accessible than they’ve ever been. But the assumption that everyone who plays video games has a body that functions in the same way can be exclusionary for gamers living with a disability.

3 Important Reasons For Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is an inclusive practice. It works to remove barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities. It doesn’t mean usable but with someone else’s help, or useable but to a lesser degree than someone without a disability. Sites that are well developed make it possible for everyone to use them; regardless of individual needs or disabilities.

Nonprofit News

Michigan “Costco for Nonprofits” Shows Promise

Nonprofit Quarterly
Good360 works with companies to reduce their waste by procuring and donating surplus products to nonprofit organizations—the “360” concept, of course speaking to the group’s vision of building a circular economy by reusing products.

Fundraising News

App Boosts Donor Advised Fund Participation Revenue

The NonProfit Times
United Way of Rhode Island (UWRI) has had donor-advised funds (DAF) available for more than 20 years. But there was little or no movement in total.

Fundraisers: The Times, They are a Changin’

NonProfit PRO
Nonprofits continue, with undiminished passion, to seek out ways to change the world for the better. However, as a continued long-term economic boom seems less and less certain, success will require greater philanthropic investment and test fundraisers’ creativity and stamina even further.

Tips to Increase Donations with Your CRM

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database isn’t only for keeping track of donor or member names and addresses. If utilized to its full capabilities, it can help increase your donations and engage your constituents in the best way possible. From storing constituent information and giving to keeping track of event attendance and outreach, your CRM is a powerful tool to help you increase your giving and productivity.

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