31 August 2017

8 Free Typography Design Resources

Type makes a real difference to your website.

Website owners appreciate the value of good SEO, interesting content, and eye-catching graphics. They are often less aware of how their choice of type affects the site’s success. At the most basic level, poor font choices reduce readability.

Typography can contribute to a site’s visual appeal.

There are many free creative resources available online. It may take a little searching but you should be able to find typefaces to complement your website vision.

7 places for attractive typography resources

Google Fonts

This open source resource is perfect for business and nonprofit sites. Font compression helps deliver a faster web content viewing experience. Google even provides useful tools to search fonts according to type, size and language.



FontSpace offers you a choice of over 32,000 free fonts. You can search for a specific font name, or for fonts from a certain designer. The site also organizes the typography choices by newest designs and popularity ratings. If you prefer to take pot luck you might find what you are looking for in their random free font selection.


An archive of free fonts for download arranged according to styles such as Gothic or Script. You can also search by name or view the newest fonts submitted. If you have the graphic skills their advice on how you can create your own custom font is likely to be of interest. It is worth a mention that some free design resources have usage restrictions. For example, designers sometimes specify that free downloads are only for personal use.

1001 Fonts 

This graphic design resource has over 9,000 fonts available to download free of charge. With the ability to search fonts by name, style, decade or even occasions like weddings you can find a suitable font with ease.


A resource designed specifically for designers this website offers resources no matter what type of project you have.

Creative Market

This site has over 16,000 fonts available. Browse through the most popular font choices or view fonts arranged in categories. Creative Markets allows account holders to download six free typography products each week. They also offer other design resources for your browsing pleasure.

Adobe Typekit

While this is primarily a subscription resource they do have a free fonts plan as well. Their fonts integrate with Adobe software in a seamless manner. They make it clear that this only includes “a limited collection of fonts to try out,” but it might have what you need.


For one of the simplest ways to try, install and manage fonts, Skyfonts is the application for you. It’s free of charge and integrates to a variety of font hosts including Google fonts,, and Myfonts. You use it to install fonts from the cloud. While it does not cost anything to test fonts’ suitability for your website, you may need to buy the fonts you wish to use.


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Note: This article has been updated September 2018 for accuracy.


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