Project Info

Project Description

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities needed to redesign their website and change the CMS in order to keep the content fresh and attract more visitors. The new site had to provide multiple ways for searching the information, integrate social media tools and a simple clean interface. AmDee LLC helped the client with picking WordPress as a new CMS and devised a plan for data migration from existing SharePoint CMS. We also integrated Facebook, Twitter, eNewsletter sign up and blog with the new site. Currently AmDee is helping this organization to create a mobile version of the site. A new app DisAbilityConnect for Android (August 2011) and iOS (August 2012) platform was launched in to reach wider audience.

The new website received 2011 Achievement Award for increased usability and search functionality, the establishment of a model policy for social media in non-profit resource dissemination.

Project Highlights

  • Large data migration from SharePoint to WordPress
  • More than 1000 pages/posts successfully migrated
  • 508 compliant and accessible website
  • Social media, e-newsletter and blog integration
  • Custom search and plug-in customization
  • Usage of SalesForce for data maintenance


I was introduced to AmDee LLC through a colleague in the Technical Assistance (education) community. AmDee LLC had created a mobile application for this colleague, and I hoped to secure their services to develop a similar application for a website that I was involved with.

AmDee LLC consultants spent a good deal of time listening to my needs, and helped to conceptualize an alternative plan to what I had originally formulated. Rather than create a mobile application that would have limited applicability, they suggested creating a website that was accessible to mobile devices as a first step. Their suggestion made perfect sense, and I appreciated their ability to think critically. AmDee has been able to adapt and improve a website that was created and hosted by others and make it more useful, attractive, and appealing. More than just their technology skills, however, I value their experience, dedication, promptness, and flexibility.

I would be remiss, however, if I did not mention what I appreciate most about AmDee LLC: their willingness to help non-profit agencies for little or no personal gain. They have spent hours consulting with me and improving the website without compensation. They simply help because they are able to, and believe in our mission. This level of integrity is almost unheard of, so I am more than pleased to recommend their services to others.

Jon Harding, Technical Assistance Specialist at Intervener