08 April 2019

Weekly Digest April 8 – How Improving Your Website Can Strengthen Your Brand

AmDee Weekly Digest April 8
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Could Your Website Be Hurting Your Business?
We all want our websites to accurately reflect the values, culture and personality of our businesses and nonprofits. We want to be relevant and engaging and have our content shared and our pages bookmarked.
Our website is usually the first representation of our organization that people see. It is their introduction to our company, and therefore it is crucial to our success that their first impression is a positive one.
We don’t want people leaving our site prematurely because they couldn’t find the information they were looking for in a reasonable amount of time. We don’t want to lose first-time visitors because our fonts are too small or our color contrast is too harsh or our site was slow to load. We shouldn’t be getting a large number of bounces (exits) because our content doesn’t format well on a mobile phone or isn’t seen as high quality.

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Website Security News

Website Security: What Are The Red Flags of an Unsafe Website?
G2 Crowd (blog)
Website owners have to take responsibility for their visitors’ safety, but unfortunately, not every website is secure. In fact, website hosting can be risky if you’re not careful. Studies show that as many as 18.5 million websites are malware infected at any one time.

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website in 2019
The right WordPress plugins can make a major difference in your digital marketing campaigns.
There are all-star plugins that can help with content strategy, SEO, site security and even Facebook Messenger marketing. But with more than 29,000 WordPress plugins available, how do you identify the unicorns and weed out the donkeys?

Website Accessibility News

Co-designing assistive technologies in India
MIT News
According to the United Nations, 1 billion people globally live with disabilities, and as many as 70 million of them live in India. In India, individuals with disabilities face barriers to success from nonexistent or inaccessible infrastructure, as well as prejudicial beliefs and discriminatory laws. With those challenges in mind, Kyle Keane, lecturer and research scientist in MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was invited to conduct a 2018 summer workshop in Chennai, India.
How to make sure that your product is accessible to all users
Every founder wants an eye-catching website or app, but it’s easy to overlook a basic fact: not all your potential visitors will experience your content with their eyes. If you haven’t considered whether a user with differing visual, motor or hearing abilities can easily navigate your software, it’s time to get serious about digital accessibility. As tempting as it might be to prioritize a stunning visual and mobile experience over an accessible design, accessibility is a legal requirement—not an option—for many businesses.

On the Early Web, People With Disabilities Found Community and Autonomy
Growing up in rural Oregon, Erin Lauridsen didn’t have a lot of contact with blind people like herself. She recalls there being one other blind person in her town, but they were much older and, unlike Lauridsen, had lost their vision later in life. So when her family got dial-up internet during her high school years in the late ‘90s, she said the first thing she did was find other blind students online, people she could relate to who were already out in the world living their lives. She read their stories. She got to know them.

“ADApt your Website”: Key Takeaways from the Domino’s Website Litigation

The National Law Review
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently issued a decision holding that the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) applies to websites that connect customers to goods and services offered at a physical location. In Robles v. Domino’s Pizza LLC, the plaintiff, who is blind, brought suit against Domino’s for failing to “design, construct, maintain, and operate its [website and app] to be fully accessible to and independently usable by Mr. Robles and other blind or visually-impaired people,” in violation of the ADA. Plaintiff, who utilized screen-reading software that vocalized information on websites, tried unsuccessfully on at least two occasions to order a customized pizza from a Domino’s Pizza location.

First Steps to More Diverse Boards
Associations Now
When people say that conversations about diversity start at the top, they usually mean the CEO. But the thing about associations is that there are two tops to consider—the staff leader and the board. Without the board’s own awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, support for D+I from the CEO to staff and members risks withering. That’s one key conclusion from a recent report from the executive recruiting firm Koya Leadership Partners. In “The Governance Gap: Examining Diversity and Equity on Nonprofit Boards of Directors” [PDF], the study’s authors draw a direct line from board diversity to diversity throughout an organization.

Nonprofit News

How Non-Profits Can Crowd-Source Data Skills
Intelligent use and understanding of data are integral to the success of charities and other non-profits. Data isn’t new to the third sector – most, if not all charities use data in some form or another, and the demand continues to grow. But non-profits have a few troubling obstacles in their way. One is the skills shortage; there frankly aren’t that many data professionals around. The other is funding; non-profits, charities, in particular, are usually not well-funded, and so their capacity to find and explore data is limited.

Governance and Accountability: A Different Choice for Nonprofits
Nonprofit Quarterly
There is, in fact, a framing issue in governance, and different perspectives on governance are founded on distinct logics. Fundamentally, these logics constitute organizing principles based upon a set of belief systems and associated practices.1 One of the rudiments linking principal-agent theories such as agency and stewardship theory is that they are founded on what Tony Watson refers to in Organising and Managing Work as a “systems-control” approach to framing organizational realities.2 Essentially, these approaches aspire to maximize control over human circumstances by presenting organizations as goal-based, controllable systems.

Fundraising News

Tips for Engaging Major Donors
NonProfit PRO
Most nonprofits receive the majority of their funding from major donors. Engaging major donors is a must. These donors want to have a connection and make an impact on your organization. How your nonprofit create engagement with major gift prospects and current donors can make a huge difference in your organization’s ability to convert and retain your biggest stakeholders. In order to be successful with major donors, your nonprofit will want to engage them both offline and online. Here are a few tips to consider.

Back to Fundraising Basics as United Way’s Role Becomes Increasingly Murky
Nonprofit Quarterly
Those deal nonprofits used to make with their local United Ways to forego fundraising during what was one of the most lucrative periods in the year has not turned out well for anyone involved. For some nonprofits, momentum and relationships with donors might also have been foregone, along with the infrastructures needed to glean those end-of-year donations. Now, report after report is warning all of us about the declining ranks of regular folk as individual donors, but that has not deterred United Way, which apparently just wants to double down as an intermediary for small individual donations to small individual nonprofits even while it further aligns itself with the larger gifts.

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