04 December 2017

Remote culture allows for travel

Founded in 2009 AmDee’s founder Amar Trivedi made a deliberate decision to have the company work entirely remotely.

At the time it wasn’t common to have a remote workforce. But without locking employees to one geographical area AmDee was able to find talented designers, developers, marketers, and project managers throughout the United States of America.

The adventure begins here. Map, computer & camera

Fast forward almost 9 years and AmDee has employees living in four time zones and on three continents. It is even more common for AmDee staff to take a few weeks to travel, and bring their laptops with them.

While they often do this without fanfare this year we’ve decided to take a few moments to celebrate the diversity and opportunity that our small company affords by embracing a remote culture.

Spend a moment and catch up with AmDee staff. Using their new interactive map you can see where in the world each team member is currently.

Check back regularly as travel and holiday plans have them traveling throughout the month of December.



Elyssa Respaut

Elyssa works as an occasional writer when not otherwise managing projects.