18 March 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest March 18

News that Matters to You Women’s History Month INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Women are leaders of the nonprofit sector The Guardian International Women’s Day has become a global movement of celebrating women’s achievements while also recognizing the gender inequalities that persist. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter. International Women’s Day emerged as part of the labour movement in North America in the early 1900s. By 1975, International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8 by the United Nations and throughout many countries globally. International Women’s Day has been closely linked historically with the labour and peace movements. We are asking this year...
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12 March 2019

7 SEO Basics for Your WordPress Website

WordPress is, arguably, the best content management system (CMS) for creating different types of websites. The thing that continues to make WordPress popular is that it is SEO friendly from the beginning. It makes it easy for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to crawl your posts, and pages to help your website become visible on search results. Having said that, there are plenty of ways you can improve your WordPress site’s SEO to get more search engine traffic and boost your sales or donations. Below are 7 useful SEO tips you need to follow when creating a WordPress...
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11 March 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest March 11

News that Matters to You Did You Know? At least 2,258 digital accessibility lawsuits were filed in 2018? Is your organization’s website ADA 508 compliant? Are you sure? Currently if your nonprofit organization interfaces with, in any capacity, a government agency you must be ADA compliant by law. AmDee remains the leader in Accessibility. Contact us anytime you need a second opinion or some direction in the matters of accessible design, development, and strategy. Website Security News WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018 ZDNET Roughly 90 percent of all the hacked content management systems...
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05 March 2019

5 Tips For Using LinkedIn To Boost Your Nonprofit

How to use LinkedIn to boost your Nonprofit The beautiful thing about living in the age of social media is the medium it has created for connecting with people and spreading your organization’s mission. Each social media platform carries with it a different purpose, a different audience, and a different way to make real connections with people. Twitter can be great for creating a dialogue or sharing bits of news with your followers. Instagram lends itself well for creating a visual story, sharing behind the scene clips of the work your organization is doing, or photos from fundraiser events and...
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04 March 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest March 4th

News that Matters to You Website Security News Milliseconds Earn Millions: Why Mobile Speed can Slow or Grow your Business The mobile web remains the most widely used platform in a world where people have more ways than ever before to search, browse, and shop. But it’s no longer enough to have just a mobile presence. Business growth requires the speedy mobile experience that people expect and demand today. Fifty-four percent of people say that as the load time for a brand’s mobile site increases, so does their frustration. And that affects the bottom line. In retail, we’ve seen that...
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26 February 2019

Debunking the 7 Most Common Web Design Myths

As a website owner, it’s natural to want to implement all the hottest trends in web design. After all, FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a real thing. And the last thing you want to do is fall behind because you aren’t implementing popular trends. That said, there are some common web design myths that don’t seem to want to go away no matter what. And you should be careful about following these trends just because they’re popular. This is especially true if you’re not a professional web designer and are just looking to create a highly converting...
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25 February 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest February 25th

News that Matters to You Breaking News Lawsuits Surge Over Websites’ Access for the Blind The Wall Street Journal Businesses with websites that can’t be navigated by the blind are getting pummeled with lawsuits. The new frontier in federal disability litigation has accelerated dramatically in recent years, with some companies now getting hit by lawsuits for the second or third time even after they’ve reached settlements to upgrade their sites. The complaints typically detail roadblocks that visually impaired individuals face when using “screen reader” tools that read the contents of a website aloud. The lawsuits often seek improvements to websites...
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20 February 2019

Embedding video on your WordPress website

How To Embed Video On Your WordPress Website Adding various types of content to your posts and pages can engage your readers, break up any paragraph-heavy layouts and can add color to your presentation. Images, videos, photo galleries and blockquotes are a few examples of content types that can enliven your web pages. In fact Jeff Bullas claims that articles with images get 94% more total views than those without. Today’s post will focus on using video on your website. We will go over the various ways to add video to your WordPress posts and pages, including: Embedding YouTube and...
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19 February 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest February 19th

News that Matters to You Breaking News WordPress Plugin Flaw Lets You Take Over Entire Sites ZDNet Vulnerability found in social sharing plugin named “Simple Social Buttons,” installed on more than 40,000 WordPress sites.WordPress site owners who are using the “Simple Social Buttons” plugin to support social media sharing features should update the plugin as soon as possible to plug a security hole that can be exploited to take over sites. Concerned with your website’s security?Do you know if your website’s plugins are updated and fully functioning? Send us an email to set up a preliminary assessment! Website Security News...
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13 February 2019

Keeping your Remote Team Engaged in Meetings

Working with Remote Teams: Tips to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged in Meetings As remote work becomes more common in today’s technological age, the more ordinary it is for work teams to never meet in person. Talks by the water cooler have been replaced with Skype conferences, Slack exchanges, and email threads. In fact, remote working was noted by Thomas Oppong, Founding Editor of ALLTOPSTARTUPS, as one of the 7 key business trends of 2016, with larger companies like Apple and Amazon also taking part. And while working from home can do amazing things for productivity levels and decrease your...
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