21 October 2016

Client Testimonial: Parents’ Place of Maryland

The Parents’ Place of Maryland (PPMD) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, and parent center. They help families of children with disabilities and special health care needs throughout Maryland. They hired AmDee to redesign their website in hopes of making it more accessible. Val Englert is the Communications Coordinator for PPMD and below is her testimonial to the services AmDee LLC provided.
Parents' Place of Maryland home banner view

What prompted you to seek AmDee’s services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

Before working with AmDee, our previous website designer was not the best match for our organization. We needed someone that understood our mission and was interested in how to improve our site, especially when it came to being more accessible to users.


Why did you specifically select AmDee for this project?

We selected AmDee specifically because they took the time and energy to figure out our needs and even broke down projects to fit our timeline and budget.

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with AmDee?

Our website is now not only more accessible & 508 compliant but it is also more user-friendly.

If you could sum up your experience with AmDee in 2 sentences, what would you say? 

Working with AmDee has been a wonderful experience. Our website has been a constant work in progress but with the help of AmDee, they have been able to take our website above and beyond where we expected.

Amar Trivedi

President and founder of AmDee, Amar provides insight of nonprofit technology through occasional guest blogs for AmDee and others. He has been a software developer and architect since the mid-1990s.