25 February 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest February 25th

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Breaking News

Lawsuits Surge Over Websites’ Access for the Blind

The Wall Street Journal
Businesses with websites that can’t be navigated by the blind are getting pummeled with lawsuits. The new frontier in federal disability litigation has accelerated dramatically in recent years, with some companies now getting hit by lawsuits for the second or third time even after they’ve reached settlements to upgrade their sites. The complaints typically detail roadblocks that visually impaired individuals face when using “screen reader” tools that read the contents of a website aloud. The lawsuits often seek improvements to websites to ensure the technology functions.

Website Security News

Five Ways To Make Your Company Website More Secure

Website security is a topic that is always important but many times doesn’t feel urgent. Why? Well, if your website isn’t having security issues, it’s pretty easy to put it out of your mind. But doing so is like riding a bike without a helmet. It feels liberating to have the wind blowing through your hair, but when you find yourself face down in a patch of unforgiving concrete, you’ll quickly forget your need for “freedom.”

Website Accessibility News

How to make your website more accessible to people with disabilities
While complying with standards is one thing, making your site truly usable is another.
Every day, many of us take using the internet and accessing websites for granted, but the reality is far more difficult for many people with disabilities. While there are numerous standards that development teams can comply with to make their digital products as accessible as possible, glaring web accessibility issues continue, hindering a large volume of the world’s population from having equal access to information.

WCAG 2.1 a Welcome Update to Web Accessibility

Practical Ecommerce
A guideline in WCAG is called a “Success Criteria.” Each Success Criteria is a single objective that a site needs to meet. The updates released in July 2018 include 17 new Success Criteria. Each has a level — A, AA, or AAA. Level A criteria generally have a high impact on a broad range of users — they apply to many disabilities, and are generally easy to implement. Level AA criteria have a high impact on users as well but frequently have a narrower scope of potential users, and implementation would likely be more challenging. The criteria for Level III are focused mainly on one group of users. These criteria may be difficult to implement.

Nonprofit News

The Unconscious Donor: Getting People To React

The NonProfit Times
Emotion is an unconscious process making 95 percent of decisions really not conscious to an individual. The brain processes 11 million bits of unconscious information per second and just 40 bits per second of conscious decision-making. Most people believe that the decision process is think, feel, do when it is actually feel, think, do. Donors are unconsciously branding what they think and feel about charities.

Fundraising News

The 2019 Digital Fundraising Landscape

The latest data from the M+R benchmarks report says that open rates for fundraising emails went down by 1% in 2017, click-through rates decreased by 6% and donation form completion rates went down by 6%. On the social media side, changes to the Facebook algorithm resulted in, on average, only 7% of followers seeing any given post, according to the M+R study.

Christine Job

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