13 May 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest May 13

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Buyer Beware!

Unless you want your payment card data skimmed, avoid these commerce sites
ARS Technica
More than 100 e-commerce sites around the world are infected with malicious code designed to surreptitiously skim payment card data from visitors after they make purchases, researchers reported on Wednesday. Among those infected are US-based websites that sell dental equipment, baby merchandise, and mountain bikes.

Website Security News

Fintech firm Fiserv sued over alleged security lapses and pervasive bugs
The financial technology firm Fiserv, a major maker of banking software, is being sued by a Pennsylvania credit union over alleged “baffling security lapses,” significant bugs and rampant billing errors.Why it matters: Fiserv is a major global provider whose software is critical for banks. Problems with its products could affect as many as 12,000 clients, per the Fiserv website, and cause significant damage. In the lawsuit, the Bessemer System Federal Credit Union refers to Fiserv’s products as the “lifeblood” of its company.

Security: The Most Important Component of Digital Citizen Services
Security Boulevard
In recent years, citizen experience has become a common utterance across government. The shift in focus toward citizen experience is driven largely by recent mandates such as the 21st Century IDEA Act and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Circular A-11, as well as the goals outlined in the President’s Management Agenda. While the scope of each initiative varies slightly, all include one key objective: to make the federal government operate more efficiently and effectively through improved digital services.

Website Accessibility News

New Gaming Website Involves Players with Disabilities
In a bid to help developers create games that are more accessible to players with disabilities, the charity AbleGamers has set up a new website so that players with disabilities may provide their inputs during the development process.

Improving Federal Solicitations’ Section 508 Accessibility Compliance
The United States’ General Services Administration plans to begin final testing of its artificial intelligence-enabled Solicitation Review Tool in July before launching in September, in a bid to be compliant with Section 508. The AI classifies and predicts whether a solicitation is compliant or not based on control vocabulary.

How to Create Inclusive Experiences and Avoid Lawsuits
On January 15, 2019, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that companies can, in fact, be sued for failing to comply with accessibility standards online. The article outlines how organizations and businesses can ensure their site or app is both accessible and provides an excellent user experience for everyone.

Nonprofit News

Find the BEST content management system for your website
At first, glance, finding a content management system (CMS) for your business might seem easy. Well, maybe not so easy: There are literally over a thousand active systems on the market to choose from. How do you sift through those and narrow it to the right fit for your needs? Choosing a CMS that matches your company’s DNA is a daunting task, if not done wisely it can have devastating results. Yes, the wrong choice can haunt the I.T. department for years. Too many companies have felt these consequences, simply because they didn’t know what to look for or how to look for it.

How can analytics improve content management?
Content management isn’t easy. Dealing with a wide range and high volume of content, especially in an age of increasingly dynamic customer-facing applications, can be daunting. But analytics can provide insights that improve content management.

Fundraising News

Eight Common Nonprofit Fundraising Mistakes To Avoid
Nonprofit organizations run on fundraising. Donations from a variety of sources allow nonprofits to continue operating year after year in support of the causes that are near and dear to them. Yet, when it comes to fundraising, even the smallest mistake could have a big impact on the effectiveness of the campaign.

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