04 March 2019

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Website Security News

Milliseconds Earn Millions: Why Mobile Speed can Slow or Grow your Business

The mobile web remains the most widely used platform in a world where people have more ways than ever before to search, browse, and shop. But it’s no longer enough to have just a mobile presence. Business growth requires the speedy mobile experience that people expect and demand today.

Fifty-four percent of people say that as the load time for a brand’s mobile site increases, so does their frustration. And that affects the bottom line. In retail, we’ve seen that a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

This presents any business that has a mobile presence with a simple choice: either provide customers the kind of mobile experience they expect, or be prepared to watch those customers go elsewhere — and fast.

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Website Security News

No RESTful the wicked: If your website runs Drupal, you need to check for security updates

The Register
Website admins are today urged to update their Drupal installations following the disclosure of a potentially serious vulnerability in the web publishing software. And when we say potentially serious, we mean, someone can potentially hack and hijack your site via this flaw. A successful exploit of the vulnerability would allow a hacker to remotely run malicious code on the targeted website’s server, effectively commandeering the site. Drupal has classified the bug as “highly critical,” and recommends admins patch the flaw ASAP.

Forget Phishing and Ransomware. Formjacking Is the New Favorite Hack of Cyber Crooks

Every month, thousands of retail websites are targeted by cybercriminals, who insert a small piece of malicious code that allows them to snatch customers’ credit card information. The hacking technique is called formjacking, and it’s the virtual equivalent of putting a device on an ATM to skim debit card numbers. Affecting an average of 4,800 websites per month, formjacking is one of the newest favorite ways for hackers to steal personal data, according to security company Symantec’s annual Internet Security Threat Report. Small and medium-sized businesses are still the biggest targets of formjacking, according to Symantec, but in recent months, high profile brands including British Airways and Ticketmaster have also fallen victim to attacks.

Website Accessibility News

Report finds official EU websites fail users with disabilities
New research from Siteimprove and the European Disability Forum shows that many EU member state websites are prohibitively difficult for people with disabilities to use. Many people living with disabilities are unable to fully politically participate and access information on EU websites. According to a new report from Siteimprove and the European Disability Forum, 89pc of member states fail to meet EU Web Accessibility Directive requirements. There are clearly set rights from the UN around taking appropriate measures to ensure full and effective inclusion of people with disabilities in society. Article 9 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) sets accessibility requirements for state parties in terms of digital technology, while Article 21 highlights the state responsibility to facilitate freedom of expression and opinion through different forms of communication. The EU itself adopted the Web Accessibility Directive in 2016 and member states are now obliged to ensure that all public sector bodies’ websites and mobile applications are accessible by 23 September 2020.

10 Effective Ways to Create a Cohesive Remote Team

Creating an engaged and convivial work culture can be difficult when employees see each other every day at the office. This task becomes even more tricky when trying to evoke a sense of togetherness for a team that is not together physically. Creating a compatible and hospitable culture when you have a handful of remote members or a full remote team scattered across time zones, embedded in different cultures and diverse backgrounds can seem impossible. Yet team compatibility and cohesiveness is vital. Perhaps even more so when there is no water cooler to engage in natural banter. How do you encourage the organic development of interpersonal relationships between colleagues?

Disabled access: What can be done to power UK railways forward?

Open Access Government
The UK is highly dependent on its railway network. Whether for commuting or leisure purposes, five million passengers make train journeys every day. Having equal access to this network is a basic right, so it is crucial that everyone, regardless of individual requirements, can easily use it. However, currently, disabled travelers cannot access 40% of UK train stations. This is primarily due to non-inclusive interior design and insufficient provision of assistance from members of staff. Despite recent efforts to address this situation – for example, Network Rail’s new accessibility app and the launch of ‘TOC’, an initiative to enhance accessible train services, the railway is still far from disabled-friendly. Findings from our recent research support this. They identified a severe lack of accessibility awareness across the sector as a whole. According to the results, over a quarter of transport hubs are still unable to fully accommodate wheelchair users or those with autism.

Nonprofit News

Daily Buzz: Make Your Nonprofit a Social Media Standout

Associations Now
With about seven in 10 Americans active on social media, your association should be, too, to engage with your industry’s larger online community and get in front of potential members. But many other organizations are trying to do the same thing, which makes it hard for your association to become a breakout star in the social sphere. “Any advantage you may have reaped by being an early adopter is gone,” says Claire Axelrad in a post on the Bloomerang blog. “Everyone is in the social space, and your competition is not just other nonprofits but legions of businesses—small, medium, and large.” To become a social media standout, survey where your audience spends most of its time. Then, build up your brand’s profile on those platforms, including strong avatars, consistent branding, and starting or contributing to conversations.

Winning the Social Media Micro-Moments

Once your organization’s social media plan is up and running (and consistent), it’s time to think about engagement. Social media engagement is the interaction that takes place between an individual or organization and their audience. These interactions lay the foundation for an authentic, trusting and long lasting relationship and build a community. Within the spectrum of social media engagement there lies what Google calls “micro-moments” which are “intent-driven moments in which consumers make their decisions and shape their preferences.”

Study: Women of Color Face Systemic Challenges in Nonprofit Careers

Associations Now
Are women of color getting a fair shake in the nonprofit C-suite? A new study on that question answers with an unambiguous no. Race to Lead: Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector, an in-depth report from the Building Movement Project, surveyed more than 4,300 nonprofit employees to better understand the systemic issues at play that make it more difficult for minorities, particularly women of color, to move up in the ranks. Nearly 80 percent of respondents were women, and more than 40 percent were people of color. “Although the survey data demonstrates that women of color face some barriers that are similar to those experienced by white women or men of color, the overlapping discrimination on the basis of race and gender places particularly acute burdens on many women of color,” the executive summary states..

Fundraising News

8 Steps To A Quality Donor Appeal

The NonProfit Times
Modern technology and communication trends make it easier to share information. That might make it easier for your organization to reach out to a wide number of potential supporters, but it also makes it just as easy for other charities to chime in. As donors are met with compelling requests for support from every which way, what is your organization doing to ensure that its message is not just white noise? During her presentation, “How to Raise More Money with Your Annual Fundraising Appeal” at an Association of Fundraising Professionals International Fundraising Conference, Claire Axelrad, founder, and principal at Clarification, laid out eight steps to drafting a compelling appeal to donors.

Opinion: Fundraising fatigue may hit hard on Facebook

Springfield Business Journal
Fundraising fatigue is an interesting phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly worrisome for those in the nonprofit community. Also known as donor fatigue, this mental block on giving can come into play when nonprofits use the same cookie-cutter events – how many golf tournaments can one person be expected to attend? But it’s also a byproduct of nonprofit growth, as more organizations enter the market and give donors myriad choices. The problem was documented recently by Dr. Tricia Derges, founder of nonprofit clinic Lift Up Someone Today, for Springfield Business Journal’s “2019 Nonprofit Outlook.” “When you give people too many choices, they choose not to make a choice,” she said. Facebook has, perhaps inadvertently, caused this same problem, namely through its birthday donation platform.

Power Shift: How Will Nonprofits Respond to the Rise of the Mega-Donor?

Nonprofit Quarterly
Is a donation a gift or an investment? Does it represent a donor’s expression of trust and support for the recipient nonprofit’s mission, leadership, strategy, and tactics? Or is it more transactional, representing the donor’s desire to influence and control? These questions may not be unique to this moment, but they have become more critical as a new wave of mega-donors has emerged—donors whose wealth has intensified the power dynamic between donor and organization.

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