05 February 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest February 5, 2019

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How to Integrate Chatbots Into Your Conversion Strategy

If you have ever landed on a website and were greeted by a pop-up in a corner inquiring about your needs, you have encountered a chatbot.

Think back to a time and place long ago, 1996 to be exact, you may remember that whenever you opened up a Microsoft Office program you were greeted by a smiling paperclip. “Clippy” was a cute and helpful animated guide whose aim was to assist users in learning basic Office skills. However, its usefulness seemed to wear off for the more advanced Office user and its constant presence with the same prompts at the beginning of each new session annoyed users. Love it or hate it, “Clippy” was one of the predecessors of today’s chatbot.

If you have willingly interacted with a chatbot before or find them as annoying as “Clippy” (but obviously not as cute), chatbots might just become your new best friend if you have a business.

Chatbots help to increase conversion (everyone likes increased revenue, right?) in 4 distinct and exciting ways:

    1. Improve Customer Service
      In an age of instant gratification, customers want 24/7 customer service. Chatbots can be programmed with your business’ FAQs, keeping your customers informed at a fraction of the cost of employing a customer service department 24/7.
    2. Give Product Recommendations
      Bots can ask customers what they are looking for or what their needs are and suggest accurate products. They can also suggest complementary auxiliary products as well–can you say “upsell”?.
    3. Qualify Leads
      Chatbots can save precious time, by determining if the visitor to your site is the right fit for your business through a series of questions like: “what problem are you trying to solve” and “what is your budget for this project”?
    4. Engage Social Media Audience
      Utilize chatbots in Facebook messenger (and other social media platforms) for customer service or to create an easy way for clients to buy (or donate).

Chatbots are only one of the trends emerging in content marketing in 2019. There are 6 more content marketing trends you should know. Click here to read up on the trends that will make 2019 your best year in marketing. Leave a comment below the post and let us know what you think!

Website Security News

Google Chrome update contains 58 security fixes

SC Media
Google pushed out the latest version of Chrome 72 containing 58 security fixes to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Security researchers warn that a new feature that will ship with the next version of the WordPress CMS can be abused to disable security plugins and put WordPress sites and blogs at risk.

Security researchers warn that a new feature that will ship with the next version of the WordPress CMS can be abused to disable security plugins and put WordPress sites and blogs at risk.

Website Accessibility News

How Instagram Democracy Is Leaving Accessibility And Inclusiveness Behind

As a new generation of lawmakers are ushering in the “Instagram era” of diplomacy, democracy, and statecraft, we are creating a government that is less and less inclusive.

Microsoft’s Code Jumper makes programming physical for children with visual impairments

The device is a continuation of Project Torino, which the company announced back in early 2017. Microsoft’s Cambridge, U.K. lab designed a “physical programming language,” which tasks kids with building programs by connecting pods.

Nonprofit News

Getting New Hires Up To Speed Publishing In WordPress

Employee turnover, organizational growth and recurring changes such as campaign ramp-ups and semester-based intern shuffling can provide new faces at your organization. Some new staffers will have responsibilities interacting with your WordPress website. Getting them up to speed so that they can comfortably and confidently do their jobs in the WordPress environment is important.

The benefits of a ‘special needs’ trust

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
The basic purpose of a trust is to provide benefits to a trust beneficiary in a way that does not disqualify him or her for public assistance such as Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid.

Accounting Under Regulatory Scrutiny

The NonProfit Times
State charity regulators have been increasing scrutiny of nonprofits’ financial statements, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990s and solicitation materials in a number of key ways. These areas of growing scrutiny include nonprofits’ allocation of joint costs and valuation of non-cash donations (a.k.a. gifts in kind or GIK).

Nonprofit Alliance Seeks Amendment to California Data Privacy Law

Associations Now
The measure, set to take effect January 1, requires companies to show users what data is collected on them and what the data will be used for and to identify any third parties who have been given access to the data. The new law will be enforced by the California attorney general and allows internet users to bring lawsuits if companies fail to adequately protect their data.

Fundraising News

FundingFriday: Federal Grants Open to Overseas Non-Profits and Non-Government Organizations Community Blog
Recently-published federal funding opportunities open to non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations that are based overseas.

Simplify your online donations through WordPress

Accepting online donations can be a great source of raising funds for non-profit organizations, universities. Promoting the percentage of contribution is also a fantastic method to continue to encourage donors or potential donors to invest in your organization.


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