19 February 2019

AmDee Weekly Digest February 19th

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Breaking News

WordPress Plugin Flaw Lets You Take Over Entire Sites

Vulnerability found in social sharing plugin named “Simple Social Buttons,” installed on more than 40,000 WordPress sites.WordPress site owners who are using the “Simple Social Buttons” plugin to support social media sharing features should update the plugin as soon as possible to plug a security hole that can be exploited to take over sites.

Concerned with your website’s security?Do you know if your website’s plugins are updated and fully functioning? Send us an email to set up a preliminary assessment!

Website Security News

10 Online Security Blunders to Avoid

There are few worse faux-pas than having your online identity stolen. According to the Javelin Strategy & Research study, in 2016 there was over 15.4 million Americans who had their identity stolen. It is estimated that nearly half of Americans will have their computer compromised or have been completely hacked every year. You’ve probably received the “emergency I’m in a foreign country and been robbed” emails pop up in your inbox, or maybe you’ve been a victim of ransomware such as WannaCry.

Silicon Valley Bros Build Billion Dollar Cyber-Security Fortunes

The Chinese-born brothers are now billionaires from their stakes in Fortinet Inc., the Silicon Valley-based network security software firm they co-founded almost two decades ago, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Spurred by high-profile data breaches and malware attacks, cyber-security has become a growing priority for companies. Cloud-focused firms including Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks Inc.

Website Accessibility News

Ellie Mae Announces New Major Release of Encompass Digital Lending Platform

Business Wire (press release)
To make Consumer Connect sites, the Borrower Portal and loan application accessible to everyone, Ellie Mae is introducing out of the box ADA accessible website templates, borrower portal, and loan application. These new templates conform to the usability standards set forth by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A and AA. WCAG 2.0 is an industry-standard set of guidelines for creating web content that is accessible to a wide range of people with disabilities.

Nonprofit News

In Remembrance of Rosa Parks: Transit Equity Day

On February 4th, the nation celebrated Transit Equity Day, in honor of the late Rosa Parks, who would’ve turned 106 years old. The holiday is intended to draw attention to transit as a civil rights issue and an important element of a climate-safe future. As an issue, transit equity is rooted deep in American history, with racism playing a major role in several chapters of the development of our country—from the construction of the transcontinental railroad to the development of suburban neighborhoods across racial divides to transportation serving as a galvanizing issue during the civil rights movement.

The Power Of Purpose: How GVNG Is Creating The ‘Shopify’ For Non-Profits

One of the most revolutionary platforms in the social impact space today is GVNG, a technology company that allows anyone to create a non-profit platform in under 60 seconds.

MEDIA: A new nonprofit news outlet seeks to cover energy in Colorado

The Colorado Independent
As advertising revenues declined, traditional media could not devote adequate resources to covering energy development. At the same time, an influx of advocacy information, often funded by corporate and special interests, did not give Coloradans balanced information necessary to make informed decisions about energy and its impact on their lives. … Chances are, if it relates to energy development in Colorado and is in the public interest, we will cover it — without favor and in accordance with the highest standards of journalism ethics.

How to Leverage Your Nonprofit Website for Thought Leadership Marketing

Wired Impact
Thought leadership marketing is a form of content marketing focused on establishing your organization as an authority in your field. More than just being a subject-matter or technical expert, a nonprofit thought leader actively participates in and contributes to the discussions about the community they serve and the issues or policies related to their mission.

Fundraising News

Cloud Is Raining Data, Flooding Fundraising With Information

The NonProfit Times
Cloud technology has become routine enough that many organizations have adopted new services during the past year or are considering adding new services, according to the most recent “State of the Nonprofit Cloud Report” by NTEN and Microsoft. Three of the four respondents indicated the current use of cloud services for at least three purposes. The average number of services used is about six.

Crafting a Fundraising Plan for Your Nonprofit: 5 Key Tips

G2 Crowd (blog)
From digital fundraising strategies to campaign marketing, your fundraising plan includes various elements that all work together to help boost your nonprofit’s efforts to build revenue. However, too many nonprofits focus their fundraising plans on the acquisition of new donors. These nonprofits miss out on a major source of revenue that comes from directing your concentration on the retention of past donors.

This nonprofit has a fundraising strategy that turns stakeholders into investors

Looking for a way to raise the growth capital her nonprofit needed for scale, Rebecca Masisak wanted to explore her options beyond grants, which tend to be dictated by donors. She thought back to her time raising $240 million for a startup in the for-profit world and wondered how she might take a similar approach in the fundraising efforts for TechSoup, an organization that connects nonprofits from around the world with technology and technical support.

Instagram’s New Nonprofit Donation Stickers Will Let You Promote Your Fave Cause

Elite Daily
You’ve probably noticed that your favorite social media platforms have started to become a one-stop shop for civic engagement and getting involved in a broader community. And now, users will be empowered to do even more to make a difference. Instagram’s new nonprofit donation stickers will soon roll out so you can support your favorite organization or cause right from the app. The new donation function will appear as a sticker on Instagram stories, so you can post and raise awareness about plenty of different causes or organizations you want to promote.

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