23 April 2019

2019 Reading Recommendations for World Book Day

In honor of World Book Day, the AmDee team has compiled a list of some of their favorite books. We hope our list inspires you to spend more time reading this spring.

Steph Osmanski

I’d recommend reading “The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls” by Anissa Gray. Told from the different perspectives of the Butler family women, this fictional book follows what happens to a family when parents are incarcerated, sold out by one of their own children. It examines themes of feminism, sexuality, crime, eating disorders, and ultimately, what it means to be hungry: for food, love and attention. I’d recommend it because, at its core, it’s a family story that nearly anyone can find relatable.

Elyssa Respaut

I’d recommend reading “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a super fascinating mix of psychology and modern culture to figure out why some things become popular and others don’t.

Christine Job

I’d recommend reading “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It’s an interesting look at how the neuroscience behind habitual behavior creates a company’s culture, relationship dynamics and ultimately create the lives we each lead.

Amar Trivedi

I’m currently reading and recommend  “Jefferson” by Albert Jay Nock. This book is a classic study on the life and thought of Thomas Jefferson, and is a book that draws out points other biographers have missed: his radicalism, his opposition to all centralized government, his attachment to liberty and property, and his dedication to the idea of revolution.

Jeff Creamer

For World Book Day, I recommend reading “Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters”. While lesser known than his predecessor Lao Tsu (author of the classic Tao Te Ching), Chuang Tsu is among the most entertaining, deepest and yes, even humorous, philosophers of all time. Fanciful one moment, plain and direct the next, his Inner Chapters comprise the seven chapters of the Chuang Tsu collection that historians have ascribed definitively to him. Poetic, inspiring nuggets that you can dig into at any time. Centuries later, Chuang Tsu’s influence still reverberates, as it was his and Lao Tsu’s brand of philosophical Taoism that combined with Mahayana Buddhism to bring us what we know today as Zen.

Jyoti Ray

I’d recommend reading “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Kenneth Blanchard is a motivational business fable. The text describes change in one’s work and life, and four typical reactions to those changes by two mice and two “little people”, during their hunt for cheese.

Think we’ve missed any must-read books? Give the AmDee team some book recommendations by tweeting at us!

Elyssa Respaut

Elyssa works as an occasional writer when not otherwise managing projects.

Christine Job

Christine is AmDee’s Sales and Marketing Manager. She is also the Social Media and Content strategist for AmDee. Her entrepreneurial experience, as well as her experience as a business development consultant, gives her the ability to craft sales and marketing strategies that are lean, comprehensive and effective, not only for AmDee but for also for AmDee clients as well.

Amar Trivedi

President and founder of AmDee, Amar provides insight of nonprofit technology through occasional guest blogs for AmDee and others. He has been a software developer and architect since the mid-1990s.

Jeff C.

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Jeff Creamer is a DC-based WordPress website administrator, tutor and consultant. He has been helping small businesses and nonprofits launch and manage their WordPress sites since 2013.

Steph O.

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Steph Osmanski is a freelance writer and social media consultant who specializes in health and wellness content. Her words have appeared on Seventeen, Life & Style, Darling Magazine, and more. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Stony Brook Southampton and writing a memoir.

Jyoti R.

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